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    This benefit allows our members to take advantage of great discounts from pet insurance to vacation planning. To access those member discounts click here. If you have questions about the benefits contact


2014 Photo Contest Winners Announced

         Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Photo Contest.
         We had many amazing entries for for the Youth and Adult categories. To view the winners, please follow the link below.


Introducing a New product

       Our Vision 10 and 20 Whole Life Insurance concept
provides a combination of paid-up whole life coverage
with a life-long death benefit and term insurance with a
higher face amount with level premiums for the years
you need the most coverage.
       For details, follow the link below or call the home
office at: 1-877-935-2467



        Good news! JOIN HANDS DAY 2014 photos can now be viewed on our website! Please follow the link below to be taken to the photos.


2014 Youth Art Contest Winners Announced

         Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Youth Art Contest. This year's theme was "Your Superpower" and could be an imaginary power that you wish you had, or a real power you posess, such as being compassionate or good at sports, math, singing, reading, dancing, etc.
         We had many amazing entries that showed both creativity and imagination. To view the winners, please follow the link below.


Bike Giveaway to Become Youth Item Giveaway

         In order to give you more choices, the Board of Directors has decided to change the “bike-giveaway” into a “youth item giveaway.” The change from the traditional bicycle giveaway to a youth item giveaway will allow you to choose an appropriate item to fit the event such as a sled if in the middle of winter, a small tractor at a tractor pull, or an Ipod for teenagers. Your lodge may still choose to give away a bike.


Community Matching Funds Change

         Each Director is provided with $500 per year to distribute to lodges in their district who participate in a fundraiser for a worthy cause in their community. In the past, lodges were required to raise a minimum of $1000 to become eligible for this grant. This year, lodges will now only need to raise $500 to become eligible for the grant. Examples of the community causes include funds for a local fire department or ambulance, helping to build a community center, or to rebuild a library. If you have questions, please contact your District Director.


Congratulations 2014 Scholarship Recipients!

           We are always thrilled to announce another round of wfla National Scholarship winners. With college expenses increasing each year, it becomes more difficult for students to reach their educational goals. That is why wfla is proud to offer scholarships to ease the financial burden of college expenses.



Rudy Pino Promoted to Assistant Sales Manager

         WFLA is excited to announce that Rudy Pino has been promoted to Assistant Sales Manager. Rudy has been with WFLA since April 2007, and working in the insurance industry since 1986. This promotion is well deserved with Rudy’s experience, knowledge, and dedication to WFLA. In this role, Rudy will oversee the day to day operation of all sales activities for WFLA. Rudy will have direct supervision of all Agents and Agency Managers to establish the Sales Support and Operations Center. The newly created Sales Support and Operations Center will focus on the goals of; increasing the sales of Western Fraternal Life’s life insurance and annuity products, retaining members and certificates, and assisting in the recruiting and training of Agents & Agency Managers.


Congratulations to Agent
Randy Kolarik, FIC, LUTCF

          Randy was recently elected as the National Association of Fraternal insurance Counselors (NAFIC) President.
          His duties include speaking at state chapter meetings, dealing with any big issues that come up and taking care of the books, being there to serve the FIC members, and being in charge of the NAFIC National Convention. His term is from May 2014 – May 2015.

For more information concerning the National Association, visit their website at:


Jack Minder Appointed Vice President and Treasurer

         Jack Minder was recently appointed Vice President and Treasurer by President Van Dyke. Jack began working for Western Fraternal Life Association as the Accountant in 1982. He was later appointed Controller in 1989. Jack graduated from Coe College with BA Degrees in Business Administration and Accounting. He is involved in multiple volunteer activities including serving as past President of Lodge No 7 and as an event coordinator for the Special Olympics for over 30 years. Jack and his wife Linda have two children, Jason and Lindsay. He has been an avid softball player and was inducted into the Iowa Amateur Softball Association Men’s Fastpitch State Hall of Fame.

2013 Photo Contest Winners

          Our 2013 Photo Contest winners (Youth and Adult) can now be viewed online! To view the winning entries, as well as the list of honorable mentions, please click on and follow this link.

President Craig Van Dyke

           Western Fraternal Life Association’s Board of Directors unanimously chose Craig Van Dyke to serve as President of WFLA until a formal election can take place at their National Convention in 2015. Craig is replacing President Howard Jim Wolfe who is retiring from wfla after 45 years of service to the Association on July 1, 2013. Craig was chosen by the board after an external and internal search.
Craig started his career at wfla in 2000 as the Treasurer of the Association. Since 2008, he has held the position of Senior Vice President and Treasurer. The Association has maintained it financial stability and continued strength during these challenging economic times under Craig’s guidance and direction.
Below is Craig’s message to the membership.
               “I want to thank all of you who have congratulated me and offered encouragement and support since being named the acting President of Western Fraternal Life Association. I also want to thank the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to lead this great Association into the future.
              As I look into the future of wfla I see two main challenges: membership growth and financial security. Growing membership is very important to strengthen the association and I believe that we need to increase our membership with actively engaged members. We also need to continue to provide financial security to our members. While low interest rates present significant challenges, wfla has remained financially secure throughout the economic environment we have experienced since 2008. This was done by not taking excessive investment risks and expense management. It is my intent to continue this conservative philosophy and to strengthen and grow the association responsibly. I want to ensure that the financial security we promise our members today will be met in the future.
      In my thirteen years at wfla, I have had the privilege of meeting many of you at State Meetings and Conventions. I look forward to seeing you all again over the next two years before the 2015 convention here in Cedar Rapids. I see great promise in the future of wfla and I thank you again for your encouragement and continued support.”



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Be An Advocate for WFLA Today!

     If you are a member, or simply believe in the fraternal system, it’s easy to be an advocate for Western Fraternal Life Assocation!
Before the end of the year, take a minute to support your fraternal benefit society. In 2012, the Alliance created the Congressional Resolution 116 offering a strong case for the advantages of our fraternal benefit societies that give back to their local communities. We need the support of at least 100 signatures in the House. Click here to take action: By entering your information, a letter will be automatically generated and emailed to your U.S. Representative. Thank you for your support of this important piece of legislation!

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