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Now That the Kids are Back in School

Sep 12, 2014

back to school.jpgWith the kids back to their routine of school, homework, and early to bed, parents get the rare privilege of more adult time. Whether you’re a stay at home parent or just have more time after putting the kids to bed, use this time for you!

Get back to your workout routine. With the hustle and bustle of summer vacation, days at the pool, and shuttling the kids to friend’s houses, your workouts are easily forgotten. Now is the time to take that Zumba class to get back on track or take the long way while walking the dog. Exercise not only helps with maintaining weight, it enhances your mental health and let’s face it, parents need all the help they can get when school starts.

Volunteer in your extra time. Some parents find it difficult to have too much free time so filling it by helping others is a great way to spend those extra hours. Schools always need extra help with over-flowing class rooms and for recess duty. Volunteering at a local food bank or your church is another way to pass the time while giving back to the community. Helping others in this way not only makes you feel good about yourself, it is a great example for the kids and can be a valuable learning tool.

Get organized at home. Without the constant interruptions of driving the kids from activity to activity, you’ll have more time to get your house in order. Tackle that project you’ve been putting off, organize the playroom, or clean out the garage. Getting your house in order makes you feel accomplished. Don’t overwhelm yourself by starting with a huge project, tackle something smaller and work your way up. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed and burn out before you get started.

Find a part-time job. Now that you have some free time, look into a part-time job to help with school expenses or the upcoming holidays. Working outside of the home can be rewarding and exciting. Having an identity outside of ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ can seem strange, but it can have a positive effect on you and your parenting. Working outside the home helps you to appreciate the family you are working hard for and a little time away can do wonders for your mental state. Grocery stores and retail jobs can be flexible with hours and work around your family needs. Many stores hire part-time workers in October to prepare for the holiday season so keep your eye out for those HELP WANTED signs.

Pamper yourself. Don’t forget to use this time to reward yourself for making it through another summer. Plan a spa day with friends and sip wine while having your toes painted. Make an appointment for a massage or try a new hair cut. Maybe your favorite way to relax is losing yourself in a good book or watching classic movies. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and refreshed, do it! No excuses! We all deserve a little pampering every now and again. Besides, you only have about 290 more days until summer break is here again, so enjoy the school year.

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Now That the Kids are Back in School

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