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Employee Spotlight: Angel Walker

Nov 24, 2014


For more than 20 years, Angel has been a fantastic member service employee. Angel's incredible warmth towards our members is felt over the phone. She never hesitates to go above and beyond for any member. We are grateful for her many years of service with Western! 

1.       Where are you from originally?

Born and raised in a little non-town called Toddville (right outside of Cedar Rapids).  I still live in the same area.

2.       What positions have you held?

 The roles have changed but I've always been in member service. When I started it was called premium billing department, then the service department and now member service. I became Member Service Supervisor in 2008.

3.       How long have you worked at Western?

23 years

4.       What attracted you to Western?

Truthfully?  The Friday afternoon’s off. A friend had just started working here and told me about a job opening and how great it was (not just the Friday afternoons off, but everything).

5.       What is your favorite Western Memory?

Hmmm… The open house that was held here after the remodel in 1997 and the open house that was held here during the convention in 1997.

6.       What are your hobbies or what do you do for fun?

I love my plain, boring, same-ole, same-ole life.    I love to read, nap and be with my most adorable lovable puppy Princess Lucy the Shih Tzu.

Tell me about your family?

Been married for 25 years.  Have 1 son who is 22 years old. And our puppy, whom we treat like a human child, is 3.

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