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The Career Sample

Representing Western Fraternal Life During Part-Time Contract

Even though you are not a Western employee during the Career Sample or Part-Time Contract period, you still represent Western to the public. This is true whether you are working in the agency office or conducting a sales interview in the field. During this trial period you are expected to abide by company policy. These are some important tips on appearance, grooming, and behavior that you should be aware of so that you project an appropriate image.

      As a matter of policy, Western has pledged to provide a non-discriminatory work environment, free of intimidation based on race, religion, national origin, or unwelcome sexual advances. We expect and require the cooperation of all employees in maintaining this atmosphere.

The Career Sample Part-Time Contract

      The career sample is a period of time before joining Western Fraternal Life as a Full-Time Agent, when you obtain your licenses, learn basic sales and insurance concepts, and decide whether the Agent's career is right for you. The career sample is also called Part-Time Contract because the potential agent has not yet entered into contractual obligations of full-time employment. This trial period gives you the opportunity to try the career first-hand, and it gives the Agency Manager a chance to determine if you are truly a good match for the career. You are encouraged to keep your present position during which a time to insure a successful financial move as well as a clear career choice. At the end of this period you will be asked to assess yourself and Western. Western Fraternal Life will similarly evaluate you.

You will have opportunity to:

  • Experience the job duties and activities of a Western Agent.
  • Learn the basic knowledge an Agent needs to know in their career.
  • Improve your communication skills.
  • Challenge yourself to meet deadlines and achieve significant objectives.
  • Learn how to sell using a professional selling system.
  • Gain insight into your attitudes and work habits.

      Most of all, you will have an opportunity to test your perceptions of what is involved in an Agent's daily activities so that you can be confident that you are right for the career. Few careers give the chance to evaluate their opportunity and few companies in the industry go to the great lengths that Western does to provide you with this opportunity.

      Western will support your development by providing you with an educational program that is well-structured and built around your time schedule. During your initial training you will be coached by the Agency Manager who has demonstrated mastery of all topics in the program.

      Western substantially invests in you by providing education, supervision and support. Getting licensed is one of your first requirements. You will be asked to pay for licensing fees and some educational materials up-front. Western Fraternal Life has "5 Steps To Success" which provides a completion bonus at various stages of the Agent's development. This bonus program more than compensates any initial out-of-pocket expenses.

      Meetings between you and the Agency Manager will occur throughout the career sample, so you can assess yourself and the training program. At each of these meetings you should discuss your feelings about the job and your ultimate potential as an Agent. Although education will be tailored to your needs, the standards set by the Agency must be met regarding timely completion of the program. You should be performing within activity and performance guidelines. If you can not meet the standard during the career sample period, it is likely that you will not be able to meet the standards required in the job of a Full-Time Agent. It is important that you are honest with yourself in determining your career potential and desire.

New Agent Approximate Expenses

1. Licensing School (Books & Classes) $120.00
2. State Examination $100.00
3. FNA II Sales Kit $80.00
4. NALU Dues $165.00 (1/2 Reimbursed)
5. Postage Costs Vary
6. Telephone Costs Vary

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