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Getting a Good Start on the Year

Jan 02, 2015

Let’s face it. Holidays have come and gone and now we are sitting here wondering where do I start to get myself back on track with eating and exercise. Sure you probably had a few too many slices of pie, or too many scoops of gravy, but it’s not all bad. Think of this as your reset button. It’s time to start making a game plan to help you get back on track. There are plenty of ways to do this, and hopefully I can give you some ideas to help you.

Goal Setting
Start off by creating a goal you want to meet. You want create a goal that will give you that feeling of accomplishment when you meet it. Start off with a short term goal. That way you can get back in the rhythm of working towards something. Maybe it’s to lose those 2 to 5 lbs that you put on from all that stuffing you ate. Maybe your goal is to workout at least four times a week. It could even be that you want to fit back in an old pair of jeans you’ve been hanging on to. Whatever it is, just make it realistic.

Eating Right
Now that we have a goal that we want to reach, let’s talk about food. A healthy lifestyle is affected by 70% of what we eat. Almost everyone would like to shed a few extra pounds or lose a few inches, but it all starts with how you eat. Don’t look at it as a diet. Look at it as a lifestyle choice. You are choosing to become healthier. Start off slow by substituting healthier foods for those high sugar or carb loaded foods. I’m not saying that we can never eat anything bad, but we need to make small changes here and there to help us get to that ultimate goal. This will be your hardest challenge, but always remember what you are trying to accomplish.

Get Moving
The next step in becoming healthier is incorporating a little exercise into your day. Some may be able to exercise more than others, but everyone should try to do something to get up and moving. This can be done at any point of the day. Try to pick a time that would work best for you. When you finally decide on a time, make sure that this is your sole focus and you won’t have any other distractions. There are plenty of exercises and activities out there that you can do. You can walk, run, lift weights, resistance training, etc. Try to pick something that you can do multiple times throughout the week and try to mix and match things to give yourself a variety.

If you incorporate those three things: setting a goal, eating a little healthier, and exercise, then you are bound to reach your goals. Don’t try and make quick extreme changes to your life and think that you will be successful. Change takes time and you’re only cheating yourself if you try and take the easy way out. Take one step at a time and stay focused!

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Getting a Good Start on the Year

Let's kick off this new year right with tips from our wellness committee member, Chris Cole.

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