Western Fraternal Life :: 28th National Convention: part II

28th National Convention: part II

Aug 07, 2015

P1020742.JPGOn Thursday, the Youth Conference attendees gathered in the ballroom at 8am to practice the presentation of the flags and singing the national anthems. With some spare time before the beginning of the convention, Kelsey Logan and her assistants Darcy Hilton, Kelsey Clapp, and Christopher Cole, began the icebreaker. Youth Conference Attendees did an amazing job with their roles presenting the flags and singing the national anthems.

After the practice, the attendees began their Youth Conference. Attendees split into groups with their leaders and 


began the brainstorming session portion of their conference. It included thinking of ideas and ways that lodges and the Home Office can be more “young member friendly”. First, the small groups shared their individual ideas with each other, than each small group took turns sharing with the larger group. Afterwards, the ideas were categorized and put into ideas that were organized into a
 speech that was shared with the delegates at the National Convention Friday morning. Several Youth Conference attendees volunteered to share the ideas.

IMG_0592.JPGYouth Conference attendees enjoyed lunch and then made their way to the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library for a service project. The attendees helped the museum with a fundraiser mailing that included stuffing envelopes and writing a message on thanks on each letter. The attendees made great progress on the letters and the Museum staff were very thankful for the help!

After the service project, the Youth Conference attendees headed to the great hall in the museum to learn a traditional Czechoslovakian dance from Diane Bradley of Michigan. Diane has spent many years teaching these dances to young and old in her ZCBJ Czechoslovakian dance group. Nearly every member participated in learning the dances. Two dances were learned and were practiced toIMG_0622.JPG be performed on Friday night. The attendees were given ribbons and flowers to make the experience more authentic. Afterwards, the attendees headed back to the hotel to join with their families for the night’s festivities.

On Friday morning, Youth Conference attendees gathered in the Rosewood room before the presentation of their ideas to the delegation. With only 20 minutes to practice, the six speakers did a tremendous job at speaking.  

IMG_0731.JPGAfter the speeches, the Youth Conference headed back to the Rosewood room to help set up for Kids Against Hunger. They loaded bags of rice, protein powder, and vegetable mix as well as helping to set up tables. The attendees helped organize the t-shirts, aprons, and hair nets for those helping with the Fraternal Service Project. The attendees were also able to participate in the event by mixing, sealing and packing the bags of meals. 

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