Western Fraternal Life :: 28th National Convention: Part III

28th National Convention: Part III

Aug 14, 2015

DSCF1219.jpgWestern Fraternal Life partnered with the charity, Kids Against Hungerfor a service project at the conclusion of the Convention on Friday. After months of fundraising, our lodges, and individual members, donated over $5,200 to pay for the supplies to make the meals.


Before each group began, they listened to Pam Gettert, representative from Kids Against Hunger, who spoke of the challenges those in other countries face with hunger. Pam shared a particularly heart-wrenching fact that some families in the countries they serve pay to buy “mud-pies.” The pies are made of dirt and water and are given to their starving children to quell off hunger, though they have no nutritional value. The dried meals will go to hungry children in places like Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, and East Africa. This was more than enough ammunition to get our volunteers excited to help.the event. Throughout the service project, they helped pass out t-shirts, samples of the meals, and hair nets to volunteers. Over 250 members and guests from 70 lodges around the country packed 30,000 meals in three hours. Divided into three groups, the volunteers took 45 minutes to package the meals to feed hungry children around the world and at home.

Rep. Kirsten Running Marquardt and Rep. Art Staed, both of Iowa, participated in this event. Several local television
stations, as well as a newspaper and radio reporter came to report about the project. After the event, 10% of the food was donated to a local food pantry in Cedar Rapids. Reaction from the event was tremendously positive, with many members already thinking of ways they could do their own meal packing event back home.
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Thank you to the donors, volunteers, and participants who made this event possible!                                                                                                                              



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