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Jack Minder Celebrates More Than 30 Years at Western

Oct 16, 2015

jack_minder.jpgJack Minder has been with Western Fraternal Life for 33 years! At first glance, you might think he is the janitor since he is always changing out light bulbs and filling the pop machine, but that’s just one example of Jack going above and beyond for Western. When Jack isn’t fixing thing around the office, he heads up the Accounting Department and is Vice President and Treasurer of Western. Jack is the epitome of what Western is about, serving others! He is always willing to listen and can take a tense situation and turn it into a calm one. His ability to put others at ease and make them laugh is an asset to the Association.

Company Related:

- How did you first learn about Western? Job listing at Coe College.

- Before working at Western, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had? Stuffing papers at the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

- If you could switch your job with anyone else within Western, whose job would you want? I already have the best job.

- What do you like most about Western? Good company, good people.


- Any random facts you could share with us? I have the most seniority of the entire staff (old)

- Best vacation you’ve been to? Fishing trip to Canada.

- What is your office nick name? Just Jack.

- People would be surprised if they knew: My dad and grandfather played softball for ZCBJ. I was also a 2007 Iowa Men’s Fast Pitch Hall of Fame inductee and travelled internationally with my softball team.

During the 2008 flood, Jack saved his grandfather by rescuing him from his second story window and boating him to safety. Jack housed his grandpa and took care of his affairs until finding him a new home.

- What advice would you give to
new hires?
Show up to work prepared to work hard.

- What is your biggest pet peeve? Laziness, unhelpful people.

- What is your favorite sport? Originally Baseball, but now golf.

- Where would you like to travel to? The Carolinas would be nice.

- What is your hidden talent? I can walk on my hands and was once able to walk across the gym floor on my hands. 

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