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Nov 11, 2015

Family Benefits 2015

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President Joyce Hartmann, Director Don Krall, and John and Nancy Hill receiving the Family Benefit check.

Pictured: Ed Ludwikowski, Brenda Osterman, and John Sieja.
John Sieja, No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI, was attacked by a bull in March of 2011. Both his legs were broken and he was hospitalized for three weeks. After one surgery, John was bedridden for five months. Since then, he has been through multiple surgeries on his right foot to attempt to improve his ability to walk, and reduce the pain he lives with daily. John has had two operations on his left foot and will require additional surgery in the future. He will more than likely need knee surgery as well for a full recovery. John travels 220 miles round trip to see his specialist. At times, he must pay for a ride if one is not readily available to him. The Family Benefit has helped to ease the financial burden this accident has caused so that John can focus on his recovery.

Western Fraternal Life created the Family Benefit to assist members during difficult times. Many of us have experienced hardships and have needed a little extra help. The Family Benefit provides up to five, $1,000 awards annually for costs associated with senior care, child care, respite care, elementary and secondary education, or extracurricular activities. The following are recipients of the Family Benefit for 2015:

John Hill, No. 423, Cedar Rapids, IA “celebrated” the 8th anniversary of his stroke in January 2015. He has made remarkable progress with his physical and occupational therapy thus far. He is able to drive with the help of a restricted left gas pedal and spinner knob. John’s journey to full health is not over though, he still needs occupational and physical therapy to build confidence and trust in his walking. The Family Benefit money will go towards medical expenses for John as he continues to heal.

The Family Benefit was awarded to Edward Ludwikowski, No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI to help relieve his family from the strain of medical bills. In December of 2013, Edward had hip replacement surgery and never made a full recovery. He was unable to return to work, which brought their two income family down to one income. In September of 2014, Edward was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. He has been through seven rounds of intense chemotherapy and had a stem cell transplant. It will take a year for Edward’s body to heal from the treatments and stem cell transplant. The Family Benefit will provide some relief as the family helps Edward with his recovery needs.

Deborah Carson, No. 296, Omaha, NE was hospitalized in April of 2015 for pneumonia, E-coli, a kidney stone, and kidney infection. From there she was transferred to a nursing home where they discovered her right tibia was broken. Deborah is still residing at the nursing home for rehabilitation to help her walk and function as normally as possible. With the cost of medical bills, the nursing home stay, medication, and therapy, Deborah’s bills have become overwhelming. Deborah was awarded the Family Benefit to help pay her bills down and give some financial relief to her family.

Family Benefit recipient Margaret McDonald, No. 45, Omaha, NE is able to find some relief after receiving one of the $1,000 grants. In June of 2011, Margaret’s husband fell and injured his shoulder and broke his upper arm. After the surgeries and hospital stay, his dementia became worse and he was never the same. Margaret’s husband was put into a care center for full time care. It was very costly for him to reside there and his prescription drugs were not covered. Margaret visited with him every day to help him eat and keep him company. He never recovered and died in July of 2013. Margaret is grateful for the help the Family Benefit has provided her.

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