Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night

Apr 13, 2016

Adults and teens enjoyed a pitch tournament.
YELL! members enjoyed the Family Fun Night.

A good time for grandparents, parents, and children may seem like a hard event to plan, but the YELL! members of Saline Center No. 389, Western, NE handled the task with finesse as they came up with activities for the Family Fun Night and Recruitment Party held January 30.

There are not many opportunities for families to have fun in the area, so it is very enjoyable for the lodge to host this event. There was a strong turn out and everyone had a great time. There were 48 YELL! members and 23 guests in attendance, and everyone was welcome.

The lodge is happy to have strong community support, and they feel it is special to have events such as this one. There are a lot of three-generation families in No. 389, and they are pleased to see the younger generations becoming involved, as well as the grandparents doing activities with the children. It is a joy to see.
The event planning began at the first YELL! meeting. The members purchased items and food, as well as cleaned the hall and set up the activities.

In order to gain publicity, the YELL! group made fliers and had local businesses post them, and also listed it in the Wilber and Crete newspapers. They were also able to take advantage of a billboard just outside the lodge, mailed flyers, and used Facebook to spread the word.

The event included a pitch card tournament for teenagers and adults. The winners of the pitch tournament were Bryce and Hannah Horak. Cards are a popular past-time in the area. The children played Bingo or Uno. Other options for the kids included coloring, painting, a memory game, or building blocks. Children under ten years old also tried to win the prize drawing. The toy prize winners were Lacey Novotny, Chase Vnoucek, Kelsey Kotas, and Sage Zoubek.

Everyone enjoyed the chips, dip, cupcakes, meat, cheese, crackers, cookies, and fruit snacks. No one left hungry!

"We thought it would be a great way to get new people to see and enjoy our lodge," Katie Zoubek commented. It's an opportunity for many non-members to consider a membership. For members, it is a fun night of visiting and activities that they enjoy.

Youth members played various games.

YELL! groups have been very popular in several Western lodges. Zoubek said, "I feel the youth should get involved at a young age to learn because someday they will be running the lodge. We don't want the lodge to fade away." For Saline Center No. 389, she added, "The YELL! group is liked because everyone feels they can take part in activities and projects together. It fits our membership perfectly because we have a wide range of ages, and in YELL!, the parents can work with their own children."

They plan to have more Family Fun Nights in the future as many people have asked when the next one will be. Meanwhile, the YELL! members have been keeping busy with projects like Valentine's goodie bags, talking to a kindergarten class, a consignment sale, and possibly an Easter egg hunt. This summer they will help maintain the Northfork Cemetery and help at the Wilber/Western library as well.

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Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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