Casino Bus Trips

Casino Bus Trips

May 18, 2016

Rich and Sandy Hosek keep track of the bus riders for No. 426.

Lodges just want to have a little fun sometimes. Getting out of town and going to the casino is one thing that many people enjoy doing. Michigan No. 225 (Bannister, MI) and Lincoln No. 426 (Lincoln, NE) both hosted bus trips to the casinos in March.

Organizing a trip like this is not only a fun social activity for members, but a great way to get some exposure for the lodges to individuals in the community. Diane Bradley, No. 225, commented, "Some non-members wanted to go. We had people, like one of our guests this year, who is new to town, inquire about our lodge. It's a great way to get to know new people."


Members of No. 426 are surprised to
learn that they get to ride the
University of NE-Kearney bus.

No. 225 members enjoy lunch together.

No. 225 was inspired to organize this trip because one of its members, Marge Minarik, had organized trips for her town before and offered to do it for the lodge. Five years later, the idea remains a success that helps generate a little revenue and fun for the lodge.

"On the bus, we all get to visit and laugh. It's good fellowship. The trip is just over an hour to Firekeepers in Battle Creek, MI. We charge $30 per person. In return, the casino gave us $20 for the machines and $5 for the meal. The remaining fee pays the bus and makes us a little bit of profit. We use those funds primarily to give to charities on behalf of our lodge, but occassionally for other lodge-related needs," Diane Bradley shared.

The members of No. 426 were able to get a similar deal as the charge per head was $15 and received a buffet and $5 to play. They also had the perk of getting to ride the University of NE-Kearney bus. There were eleven members and twenty-six friends on that trip.

mi-225-2.jpg ne-426-3.jpg
Ed Fornusek (No. 225) tries his luck at the slots. Donna Aschwege (No. 426) won at the casino.

No. 225 enjoyed the slots and people-watching, as well as a whole array of food to eat that they really found remarkable. One couple, non-members, won $500 that day, so they were very pleased.

Velma Kotas, secretary of No. 426, commented, "Some of our members and guests won, and we were happy for them. The buffet was very good. We ate together and had a good time. Although I did not win, my treat was the company of our members and guests, some fried ice cream, and a beer with friends."

No. 225 will have another trip on September 13 of this year. The trip leaves in the morning and returns around 5:30 p.m. Members or non-members are invited to come and need to RSVP with Diane Bradley at 989-862-5378.

No. 426 will have another trip in March, 2017. For information, please watch the lodge calendar next year.

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