Fishy First Aid

Fishy First Aid

May 11, 2016

Members gather to assemble first aid kits.
Korbin Guetter, Austin Willett, and Nash Guetter have fun while assembling kits.

In Minnesota, fishing is a big deal, and there are residents that eagerly await opening day in April. As the fishermen head out on the boats or find their spots on the shore, they never forget their tackle boxes with all the flair that will hopefully snag them the big one. Unfortunately, they don't always pack the first aid supplies that come in handy when dealing with hooks, fish, and the sun.

That problem gave the members of Lumir No. 34, Hutchinson, MN, a creative idea. Many of the youth members are fishing fans. They were excited to do first aid kits and thought it would be a great idea for kids and adults in the community.

For the second year in a row, they put together first aid kits to help the fishermen. They brainstormed helpful items to place inside Ziploc bags. "We wanted something that would stay dry, and something that would fit in a boat compartment or tackle box," Activity Coordinator Julie Juaire commented about the Ziploc bags. Inside each bag they placed bandages, tissues, hand sanitizer, alcohol pads, sunscreen, and a Western Fraternal Life brochure.

Larisa Guetter holding a completed kit.

An assembly line formed in Julie's garage to put together the kits. The members enjoyed the opportunity to do something different while socializing. Every bag was finished with a nice sticker on the front. Afterward, they dispersed the kits by working with 14-year-old bait-business entrepreneur Megan Tritz. Her small stand called Megan's Bait is near many of the lakes in the Darwin area. Megan gave out the kits freely to fishermen who stopped by the stand. The kits were gone in no time the first year and similar results are expected this spring and summer.

In 2016, members worked with the DNR to get some fishing regulation books added to the kits.

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