Garage Sale for Morse Bluff

Garage Sale for Morse Bluff

Aug 31, 2016

Members help organize items on tables for the sale.
Attendees at the garage sale.

The American Legion Building in Morse Bluff, NE was in need of mortar repair on its brick walls. Plzen No. 9 members decided to apply for the Community Matching Funds program with Western Fraternal Life to help them with a garage and bake sale that raised funds for the repair.

The building was originally built in 1910, and was owned by the lodge until 2001. At that time, the lodge sold it to the American Legion for one dollar and made an agreement that the building would continue to be used for No. 9 lodge meetings. In addition, the building is rented out by community members for large gatherings, and is the only place outside of the church where there is space to do so in Morse Bluff.

The garage sale took place on the weekend of June 3 with members from the American Legion Auxiliary. Volunteers helped set up, worked sales, brought food, and tore down through the weekend.

Items at the garage sale were donated by members of both the Auxiliary and Western. To generate interest, the sale was planned on the same day as the city-wide garage sale in nearby North Bend, and an ad was put in the paper. The sale was a success. On the following Friday, items were advertised on the radio as half price. The few remaining things were then donated to charity.

Correspondent Elaine Vech commented, "Community Matching Funds helped us work with the Auxiliary to earn money to remortar the American Legion Building. We were able to hire a gentleman who was able to recreate a historically accurate mortar."

Every year, each District Director is provided $500 by Western to disburse to lodges within his/her district who participate in a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Lodges should talk to their director, review the guidelines, and complete a form prior to organizing their event. 


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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