Hillsboro, WI Rummage Sale

Hillsboro, WI Rummage Sale

Aug 03, 2016

Members wear Western shirts as they help with a rummage sale.

Smiling people wore Western Fraternal Life shirts as they pitched in to hold a rummage sale and lunch in Hillsboro, WI. Seven members of Samo No. 32, two members of Wisconsin No. 82, twenty-five volunteers, and Western agent Rob Olson helped with this event in order to raise funds to restore the school. New floorings, roof updates, handicap-accessible bathroom updates, and heating system upgrades will be the result.

To prepare for the rummage sale and luncheon, which is held in May and October every year, they accept donations from community members at the former Valley School building. Sometimes, people will leave boxes of items at the doorstep, with the most popular donation being gently used clothing.

Then, the noon meal is coordinated, and some additional spaces are sold to crafters to sell their wares. These additional features help generate even more interest from the public. Attendance has been strong for years.

Members wear Western shirts as they help with a rummage sale.

No. 32 member Elgin Fanta explained that the former school building, for which they help raise the funds, is of historical value in the community. Additionally, it gets used regularly for events and is available for rent. The members of No. 32 have been involved in keeping it going since the community acquired it in the 1960s. They regularly do volunteer maintenance and groundskeeping for the building.

This year was the first year that No. 32 applied for Members in Action. Secretary Brenda Osterman suggested promoting Western by wearing branded shirts and attendees asked about the lodge because of the shirts.

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