Little Libraries

Little Libraries

Sep 21, 2016

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YELL! members with the little library placed outside of Grand Meadow Vet Clinic.

YELL! members with the little library outside the care center in Wabasha, MN.

The appeal of a good book can now be found a lot closer to home, thanks to the hard work of Zare Svobody No. 38 (Austin, MN) members and their friends. For over a year, they have been building little libraries to place in nearby communities where there is a need.

Each little library is unique in design but all are weather-proof, have a shatter-proof glass door, and are set on a pole at a convenient-access height.

“I am very happy to be included in the creation of such a great community project,” said YELL! member Gaby Whetstone. She and other members really enjoyed the project, from building, collecting books, and stocking the libraries.

The first libraries went up outside the vet clinic in Grand Meadow and the care center in Wabasha, MN. The locations were determined by knowing where they would best benefit the community, and proximity to YELL! members who maintain the libraries.


YELL! members with the little library outside the care center in Wabasha, MN.

In Grand Meadow, for instance, the clinic veterinarian Dr. Gerald Denisen, and his wife Dorothy, are involved with No. 38. Their grandchildren, also members, helped get the library started. Member and school teacher Bonnie Sawyer donated the initial books. More books will continue to be donated, and the library maintained, by the Denisens and other lodge members. They intend to keep the collection filled with selections in a variety of genres for all ages.

Maintenance includes collecting and changing books to put inside the little library, and making sure the library stays upright and that books are safe and dry. Additionally, each library has a list of books available, so they make sure that list stays up-to-date.

YELL! member Olivia Whetstone commented, “I just think they are so adorable! The easy access to books will be great for children that don't live close to a public library.”

No. 38's YELL! members plan to work on more libraries over the next few years. YELL! officer Ellie Haeska issued a challenge to other Western YELL! groups to set up mini libraries of their own. “That way there can be mini libraries all over the country to encourage the joys of reading and the expansion of knowledge.” Guidelines for different kinds of little libraries can be found at Builders can also register their library and receive an official sign.

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