Summer Reading

Summer Reading

Sep 07, 2016

Twenty goodie bags were delivered to the library in Western on June 10.
Volunteers helped younger readers with activities at the library.
YELL! group members Kelsey, Phillip, and Monica Zoubek helped deliver goodie bags.
The Summer Reading Program used fun activities to engage children.

Volunteers helped younger readers with activities at the library.

The Dvoracek Memorial Library in Wilber and the Struckman-Baatz Library in Western, NE were abuzz with bright, young faces this summer, in part because of the efforts of Saline Center No. 389's YELL! group engaging and volunteering. Katie Zoubek commented, “Our YELL! group wanted to support our libraries. Several members already participate at the libraries and love going there. We loved volunteering and plan on doing it again.”

Zoubek said that young members were involved in the summer reading program one day, and then volunteered the next day. Members that were too old for the reading program would help on both days. In total, the YELL! group volunteered nine times at Dvoracek Memorial.

In June, the reading program had a new theme each week. It focused on eating right, flags, safety, and exercise. The YELL! members helped make smoothies and did food tasting and explored food textures the first week. The second week, they demonstrated how to properly fold a flag. Then, they helped with crafts during safety week. On June 28 and 29, they helped as program participants went outside to make book sandwiches.

The final day was July 6 with a fun run. Volunteers helped block traffic so the children could run several blocks. The children enjoyed a celebration meal and were given certificates and rewards for reading. Top readers were YELL! group members Kelsey, Monica, and Phillip Zoubek. Lacey Novotny was also recognized.

Ten-year-old member Emma Walker and eleven-year old Melody Novotny said, “We enjoyed and had fun volunteering with the library. We learned you are never to old to learn and have fun at the library.”

“This was a fun way for the YELL! group to include reading and related activities in summer family time. It helps children maintain and improve reading skills, which will help them in everyday life,” Katie Zoubek remarked. “We loved volunteering because reading is an important part of life. The more you read, the more you will know.”

Did you know? Children who read four or more books over the summer fare better on reading-comprehension tests in the fall than their peers who read one or no books over the summer.
~ Summer Reading and the Ethnic Achievement Gap, Jimmy Kim, Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, 2004

In addition to volunteering often in Wilber, the YELL! group also made a visit to Struckman-Baatz Library in Western, NE. YELL! members colored and decorated twenty paper bags, filled them with juice boxes, fruit snacks, fruit bars, and rice krispie bars, and delivered them to the library. There were also young YELL! members involved in the reading program at Struckman-Baatz, so it became an opportunity to talk about the YELL! program.

The members talked about the fun activities the group has done. The reading group kids were very interested in YELL! and several had visited the Saline Center Lodge and had a great time in the past.

Zoubek commented, “Many love the YELL! group because its for age 40 and under. Parents can participate with their children in all the activities, which is wonderful because there are not a lot of other places you can do that.”

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