Organ Donation Awareness Fundraiser

Organ Donation Awareness Fundraiser

Oct 12, 2016

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Beth Pestka decorates bottles for garden ornaments. Kenny Schafer makes steppers.

Zare Svobody No. 38 (Austin MN) raised money for Organ Donation Awareness Month in April. Members, including YELL! youth, created household, health, and garden products to sell at the Life Center Northwest fundraiser. The effort qualified for Community Matching Funds from Western Fraternal Life.

Specific items made included, greeting cards made from recycled cards; neck comforters made from socks, markers, and rice; transfigured cement garden and lawn steppers; painted wine bottles turned into garden creations; and wagon wheel rugs made of rags. Members prepared for the fundraiser for over a month.

Dorothy Denisen, Carolyn Greeley, and Cathy Bly decorate neck comforts.

The lodge felt passionate about organ donation awareness because of how it has touched its members. In one case, they became aware of the need for more donors because a member's husband waited almost a year for a heart transplant, but didn't receive it in time. In another case, a member donated a kidney to a little boy she heard about on the radio and the family was very grateful.

"The Community Matching Funds Program helped to increase the good that could be done. We truly appreciate the money donated from the program because it might make the difference between life and death for someone," member Bonita Sawyer commented.


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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