Historic Preservation Aided by Kolache Sale

Historic Preservation Aided by Kolache Sale

Nov 23, 2016

What can 72 dozen kolache do? Other than make a lot of people happy with a satisfied sweet tooth, it can also help restore and improve the oldest building in town.

Different flavors of kolache are laid out for sale.

Members of Cesti Vlastenci No. 153, Jennings, KS, were able to take advantage of a community event called the Highway 36 Garage Sale, where towns along Highway 36 in Kansas have garage sales on the third weekend of September. This was the second year that they were able to join with the Historic Building Preservation Committee to make and sell kolache at the sale.

Over $800 was raised to fund a handicap-accessible front entrance and new siding (which will be completed when the remaining funds are in hand). No. 153 took advantage of Members in Action to pay for most of the ingredients to make the kolache. They also advertised in the newspaper, and with signs along Highway 36.

Member Marjorie Hartzog provided details about further preparations.

“We have been baking for many years now and the number of people willing to help increases. Everyone is proud of our efforts to promote our heritage with the Bohemian pastry. Many remember this from their childhood when their mothers or grandmothers baked kolache. We are very strict with the results of our finished product and the helpers are very willing to help make a delicious product.”

“We are proud to use locally grown apples. Apricots are dried apricots from Turkey. We use no pre-made or canned fillings. Our kolache dough recipe is handed down from the kolache bakers in Omaha, NE and similar to the recipes our mothers and grandmothers used. Now that we have been baking for so many years local citizens remember when we will be baking and save the dates on their calendars.”

We usually have from 15 to 25 people helping. We start before 7 a.m. to make the dough and have the kolache baked, cooled, wrapped, packaged, and pre-sale orders filled by mid afternoon.”

 Shirts and a banner help promote Western.

The building itself was built around the turn of the century and is open to public use. It gets regular use by No. 153 for kolache-making they do for fundraisers, Sons of Legion hold a pancake fundraiser, and a breakfast to open pheasant season held by the Historic Building Preservation Committee. When its not being filled with delicious meals, it's used to hold programs for veterans, wedding showers, family gatherings, craft fairs, and meetings.

The addition of a handicap-accessible entrance is eagerly anticipated by No. 153 as its committee members age, and many will benefit from the new entrance.

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Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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