Bake Sale for Cancer Treatment

Bake Sale for Cancer Treatment

Dec 21, 2016

 Members volunteer at the bake sale.
YELL! youth set up a ring toss outside.

Regular cancer treatment can pose a hardship outside of the medical bills, which is why there are organizations like Trails for Treatment in Strathcona, MN. The charity raises money to buy gas cards and lodging for local patients to make their lives a little easier.

This charity was chosen by Boleslav Jablonsky No. 219 as the community organization to support in their bake sale at the Northland Threshing Bee. They have had several members face cancer and are well aware of the need for assistance. Over twenty members helped to sell garden produce, jams, pickles, sauerkraut, and baked goods.

No. 219's YELL! group also added a ring toss booth just outside of where the bake sale and other vendors were selling the goods. The ring toss was especially popular with kids and they were able to raise money for the lodge's scholarship fund from the proceeds.

Correspondent Marvel Pesek said, “The members enjoyed working together and visiting during the sale.” 

They were able to increase their overall fundraising through the Community Matching Funds program. Pesek remarked, “The bake sale is very good exposure for our lodge and the customers look forward to the goodies. We try to out-do ourselves every year and so far, it's been working!”


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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