Crisis Center Fundraiser

Crisis Center Fundraiser

Dec 28, 2016

by Cindy Motsinger, Communications Coordinator

"Our volunteers enjoy knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of women and children in need."

Every year, 600 women and children are served by the Grayson Crisis Center in Sherman, TX. A woman can use the crisis center to leave a bad environment and have a place to stay as she recovers. One woman is a member of North Texas No. 446, and because of her story, the members of No. 446 understand how vital these services are in their community. For the last eight years, they have organized a fundraiser to support the crisis center. “Our volunteers enjoy knowing that we are making a difference in the lives of women and children in need. We work hard for the charity, but also have fun together, and that combination strengthens the bond between our members,” Secretary Darlene Linder elaborated.

Members pose with their garage sale sign.

This year's fundraiser was a combination garage and bake sale. Members started planning months in advance by securing the date and location. They publicized it through radio, newspapers, and social media. Donations are given by members, friends, and neighbors. Signs are ordered to help people find the site, and special items are purchased from the Home Office to give away. Volunteers wear their Western shirts. Everyone helps set-up and there are standard pricing guidelines to make the set-up run more smoothly. The sale starts in the morning, and in the afternoon, price reductions are announced. Unsold items are donated to the Crisis Center Thrift Store.

YELL! members are always involved. This year, they baked items for the bake sale as well as helped with various tasks for the garage sale. YELL! liaison Jennifer Deere shared, “We enjoyed getting together and spending time with one another. There is always lots of joking and laughing. This activity provides opportunities to grow as a family, work in cooperative groups, and build communication skills. The kids love getting to work at the bake sale and for many, it is their first chance to work with the public. The kids learn public speaking, listening, counting money, and how to help others in the community. The kids also baked all of their favorite items, like sweet breads, cupcakes, rice crispies, and cookies. The kids like to debate who makes what the best. It was a lot of fun while working on something important.”

For the fourth year, No. 466 has utilized Community Matching Funds offered through Western to increase the amount given to Grayson Crisis Center. Darlene Linder reflected, “We think Matching Funds is an awesome program. It nudged us to do more than we probably would have without the program being in place. We feel a sense of encouragement from the Home Office and know that they recognize our efforts and care about our local community.”


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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