Fireman's Fun Day

Fireman's Fun Day

Dec 30, 2016

by Othelia Vacura, Secretary of Jennings No. 153


Lillian Sulzman, with Pat and Bob Wessel, man the 50/50 raffle.


Scott Hartzog receiving the proceeds of the 50/50 from Bob Wessel.

Jennings, KS came out in support of its fire department and Historic Building Preservation Fund for the 25th annual Fireman's Fun Day. It is a community event that combines a variety of activities and fun that all raise money for the organizations. Jennings No. 153 has been involved in helping for the last four years, and has utilized the Matching Funds to help increase the funds raised.

Members of No. 153 were involved in many elements of the day's event. The lodge held a 50/50 raffle, with Scott Hartzog holding the winning ticket. Member Stann Hartzog butchered and prepared four hogs for the evening meal, cleaned the fire house, organized the parade, and assisted with the auction. Scott Hartzog, a Jennings SAL commander, organized and presented the flag ceremonies and a POW/MIA ceremony. Tracey Hartzog assisted at the health fair and baked food items for the Legion bake sale and cake walk. Stacy Hartzog and her family designed the 25th anniversary t-shirts. Allison Hartzog sold the shirts and brought lunch to the craft fair vendors. Marjorie Hartzog helped with the t-shirt project also and helped organize sponsors.

Members Marjorie Hartzog, Dorothy Vacura, Lillian Sulzman, and Vi Krizek baked and sold 2,400 kolache in a variety of flavors, and helped at the health fair.
Dorothy Vacura also organized Bingo and the mini tractor pull.

The craft fair had around twenty vendors, organized by Marge Hartzog and Vi Krizek. Marge also assisted with the auction and queen contest. Stacy Hartzog emceed the entire day's events.

The fire department will use the money to upgrade equipment and purchase supplies. The Building Preservation Fund will add a handicapped entrance to the oldest building in Jennings.

What are Community Matching Funds?

Each District Director is provided $500 per year to distribute to lodges in his or her district when they participate in a fundraiser or worthy cause within their community. To qualify, the fundraising event must raise a minimum of $500, the lodge must contribute $50 or more, and there must be six members involved in the event. Requests are submitted to and approved by the Board of Directors.


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