Bow-Wow, Meow: No. 7 Raises Money for Cedar Valley Humane Society

Bow-Wow, Meow: No. 7 Raises Money for Cedar Valley Humane Society

Jan 04, 2017

Four-legged friends of the community were not forgotten as members of Cedar No. 7 (Cedar Rapids, IA) raised money to support the Cedar Valley Humane Society. The group held two fundraisers with support from the Matching Funds program.

More than 2,000 animals are cared for by the Cedar Valley Humane Society each year.

No. 7 members present Cedar Valley Humane Society staff with a check.

The first fundraiser was a rummage sale. “After much discussion about trying something new, it made sense to do what we have had success with in the past. We all have so many things we are no longer using that could be useful to someone else. Being able to hold it in our neighborhood also helps to raise awareness of Western and what we do,” commented member Melissa Clapp.

The rummage sale benefited from having plenty of donations and lots of volunteer helpers. Clapp shared the tips that made it run smoothly: using colored dots to quickly price items, and allowing volunteers to work in short shifts over the two-day sale.

The second fundraiser was an online auction. Similar to an in-person auction they had in years past, talents and skills were put up for bidding. Baked goods, sewing, cleaning services, babysitting, and artistic talents were very popular. This online auction was more successful than the in-person auction because it happened over the course of several days and allowed for more people to participate. It was only open to members and Home Office staff so that services could be exchanged and money collected easily.

Employees offered services that showcased their unique interests. Offers of tailoring clothes, baking pies, and custom crafts were some of the many items. For a few days, employees and close associates were given an opportunity to bid online. Winners were able to organize the delivery of their prizes with the people who placed them at auction.
Member Programs Manager and No. 7 Correspondent Kelsey Logan commented, “I believe that it could be hugely beneficial for lodges who have members spread out over a long distance but still want to contribute. It can also be used for those who are not members and can be opened to the public and shared on social media sites like Facebook. The best part is, the online silent auction was free to use!” The auction site the lodge used is available online at

Finally, the group had exceeded its fundraising goals and were able to utilize the Community Matching Funds to add even more money to the efforts for the Cedar Valley Humane Society. Clapp reflected, “It is great to have the support of Western Fraternal Life with what we do.”


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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