Creative Comforts

Creative Comforts

Feb 23, 2017

Members of Michigan No. 225 (Bannister, MI) like to put their creativity to good use in order to comfort others. Their highlighted projects were an opportunity for the YELL! youth to learn new skills, as well as a chance to give comfort to foster children and hospice patients.

No. 225 is very proud of the YELL! project the members did for the benefit of foster children as part of the Michigan Youth Opportunity Initiative. They made 37 winter fleece hats and 28 pillow cases for the children to receive when they first arrive for help and it was theirs to keep and take with them wherever they went. It was a comfort to know something was theirs.

The YELL! members met in the morning, had lunch, and finished in the afternoon. Two girls had sewn before but the rest of the members learned to sew, cut, and iron that day. What fun to see their interest grow as they saw their finished projects.

Members show their completed pillows and hats.

To make the hat, you will need: fleece fabric, measuring tape, scissors, thread, and sewing machine.

  1. Measure around your model’s head for the width. (Mine was about 20”) Add ½” for seam allowance.Next, measure from the top of the head to where you want the hat to fall (I wanted my hat to sit below her ears, that was 8”). Add 3” for the fringe. Add 1” for the hem. My fabric measurement was 20½” by 12” tall.
  2. Cut the fabric. When cutting the fabric you want the stretch of the fabric to be going side to side, so the hat will have a little stretch around the head.
  3. Line up fleece, right sides together and sew up the side using a ¼” seam allowance.
  4. Next, fold the bottom hem under 1” and pin in place.
  5. Using a zigzag stitch or other decorative stitch, sew over the edge of the folded hem. Or, it can be sewn by hand.
  6. Next, cut the top into an even fringe about 1” wide. I cut mine about 2¼” long. (I figured I could always cut the strips longer or trim the tips if needed).
  7. Cut a strip of fleece 11” long by about ¾” wide, this is for the tie to gather the top with.
  8. With your hands, gather the top as evenly as possible. Tie securely with strip of fabric as you would a ponytail.
  9. Ta da! A cute fleece hat made in under 30 minutes.

No. 225’s Join Hands Day Project was to make items for hospice. Members made lap robes, adult clothing protectors, catheter bag covers, neck pillows, and hand pillows. Over 600 items were completed.

The neck pillows are used to support a weak and tired head of hospice patients or a traveler on an airplane.

Neck pillows made by members.

Here are some easy-to-follow instructions for neck pillows:

  1. Cut 2 pieces of fabric into a circular horseshoe shape about 5” wide
  2. Sew right sides together leaving a 4” opening to turn right side out. Clip curves, turn right side out.
  3. Stuff with batting the desired stiffness and hand stitch closed. Wooden spoon handles works well to push stuffing throughout pillow.

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