Congratulations 2017 Graduates

Congratulations 2017 Graduates

May 11, 2017

Congratulations to this year's member graduates! Their names are listed below and were entered into a drawing for $100 from Western. Kaitlyn Knuth, Taygan James Psota, and Kyle Malek were awarded this year's prize drawing.

Anthony Aguado No. 236
Jacob Aguado, No. 236
Andrew Arnold, No. 219
Chelsea Backous, No. 253
Kassandra Baeten, No. 20
Nolan Beirne No. 365
Danielle Borer, No. 9
Amelia Breinig, No. 3
Kaitlyn Brintnell, No. 106
Kyle Check, No. 144
Hannah Cherney, No. 108
Madeline Davis, No. 45
Sophia Dionne, No. 360
Payton Freagon, No. 141
Heath Frederick, No. 260
Paula Fujan, No. 9
Jonnelle Fullbright, No. 46
Leah Hansen, No. 108
Carter Hanson, No. 196
Jenny Hosek, No. 426
Braden Irwin, No. 153
Alexander Janette, No. 357
Katelyn Kalocy, No. 225
Kim Kane-Strebel, No. 108
Morgan Karasek, No. 126
Seth Keller, No. 389
Zack Keller, No. 389
Dylan Kinnamon, No. 225
Kaitlyn Knuth, No. 108
Celia Kolarik, No. 108
Paul Ladd, No. 20
Margaret Lass, No. 196
Isabel Lievens, No. 361
Abigail Lockhart, No. 7
Hailey Luzum, No. 76
Trevor Luzum, No. 76
Maggie Mahurin, No. 262
Kyle Malek, No. 225
Jasmine Maly, No. 14
Lorri Maly, No. 14
Kaitlyn Marschel, No. 34
Colby Micanek, No. 56
Hailey Newton, No. 365
Miranda Obermiller, No. 108
Jacob Perron, No. 142
Emily Pickerign, No. 108
Taygan Psota, No. 437
Morgan Rezac, No. 9
Alyssa Ruhl, No. 426
Brandie Schmitt, No. 74
Jessica Smalley, No. 38
Sarah Sopocy, No. 225
Nicole Stanek, No. 141
Shyler Stehlik, No. 225
Breyonna Stursa, No. 127
Emily Svoboda, No. 73
Kyle Tesarik, No. 20
Kristen Tower, No. 108
Thomas Tretheway, No. 67
Jadyn Van Boxtel, No. 20
Erika Vandevelde, No. 365
Riley Walski, No. 144
Kendra Weber, No. 38
Kira Wedel, No. 296
Cami Wendricks, No. 108
Ashley Wojtalewicz, No. 144

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