Western Celebrates 120 Years

Western Celebrates 120 Years

Jun 07, 2017

This year marks the celebration of 120 years of Western Fraternal Life. Our past, the roots of Western, are never far from our minds. Western’s continued support of Czech heritage through programs, festivals, museums, and more, allow us to continue to honor our members. The Czech ancestry of our members has been highlighted in recent editions of the Fraternal Herald so generations after our founding members can continue to learn about their heritage.


Mural by Edwin I. Bruns, located at the Home Office. The mural symbolizes the immigration of Czech people to the United States. They are greeted by Augustine Herman (r), the first Czech in the colonies. The central figure is Columbia, flanked by images of Thomas G. Masaryk and Abraham Lincoln.


Today, our humble beginnings of insuring members, comradery, and service continue. Our members are financially secure; Western’s insurance and annuities continue to provide needed coverage. Members can find comfort in knowing we will always be able to pay our benefits and have a conservative financial culture. Unlike many life insurance companies, Western is beholden to our members, not shareholders or the stock market. We are proud to continue to serve with only our members best interest at heart.

The future for Western looks bright. Our ongoing commitment to service provides benefits for-profit insurance companies can’t match. Our active members are our best allies to provide quality services to the communities where members live and work. They are the strong but silent backbone of their areas providing financial and volunteer support in many small and large communities across the Midwest and beyond.

Looking forward, Western hopes to further our reach: to our members and communities alike. We will strive to create meaningful member benefits and quality financial services to enhance Western. We are nothing without our members. Together, we are Enriching Today, Insuring Tomorrow.

Thank you for 120 years.

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