Strathcona, MN Raised Funds for Sunshine Memorial Foundation

Strathcona, MN Raised Funds for Sunshine Memorial Foundation

Nov 28, 2017

YELL! group at candy shop: Rylie Fredrickson, Jodie Davy, Jordan Davy, Hannah Kruta, and Brooke Fredrickson.

On September 10, No. 219 (Strathcona, MN) held a bake sale and basket raffle at the Northland Threshing Bee. Members baked items beforehand and then spent eight hours selling with the proceeds benefiting the Sunshine Memorial Foundation in Grand Forks, ND.

They gave away two gift cards for youth. The YELL! group had a candy shop with proceeds going to the lodge.They drove tractors in the parade, pitched straw for the threshing machines, and worked in a blacksmith shop. A great afternoon full of history, learning, and fun!

The Sunshine Memorial Foundation, to which they gave, has a new home similar to the Ronald McDonald homes, where people can stay at reduced cost. The funds raised at the bake sale and raffle were then matched through Community Matching Funds provided by Western Fraternal Life.


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