Masonic Hall Restorations Funded by Community Events

Masonic Hall Restorations Funded by Community Events

Dec 01, 2017

Members laid out desserts for the meal on June 18.

Cesti Vlastenci, No. 153 (Jennings, KS) organized two events this year to help fund restorations and handicap access for the oldest building in Jennings, the Opera House/Masonic Hall. Both events utilized Members in Action funds from Western to offset the cost of food supplies. The members also promoted the events via TV, radio, newspaper, and Facebook.

Father's Day Event

On June 18, members and HBPC provided a free-will donation meal and Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary program for area residents as part of a Father's Day event at the former Jennings Opera House/Masonic Hall. About 150 people attended to enjoy roast beef, potatoes, gravy, salads, and desserts.

The meal was provided by No. 153 and HBPC. The program was presented by the Jennings American Legion and Sons of American Legion. Speaker Joanne Emerick talked about her father's experiences in Hawaii during the Japanese attack. Emerick is a fomer teacher and published the book, Courage Before Every Danger, Honor Before All Men, about her father's bomb squadron. Free-will donations were taken to help fund building restorations.

Hwy 36 Treasure Hunt

On September 15 and 16, members of No. 153, Jennings, KS, held a bake sale fundraiser during the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt. The event is part of a series of garage sales that visitors have attended for many years.

Members baked 60 dozen kolache. Over two days, they sold the kolache and introduced many visitors to the pastry. They were able to take pre-orders for 15 dozen, and sold the remaining 45 dozen at the Treasure Hunt. They also sold brats, potato salad, beans, and a drink for lunch.

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