Annual Report From the Vice President, Information Technology and Secretary

Annual Report From the Vice President, Information Technology and Secretary

Mar 01, 2018

It is an honor and a pleasure to report to you on behalf of the Administration Department.

The Association continues to operate in 18 states with 115 lodges and 36,716 members.

We congratulate the 585 members who will be recognized by their lodges during the year for attaining 50 and 75-years of membership. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Western Fraternal Life!

2017 ushered in the beginning of the new lodge awards point system. The main objective of the new system was to increase the positive impact our lodges have in their communities through volunteering, community social events, fundraising, celebrating heritage, and sponsoring community needs. Another objective was to make the reporting process easier for the lodges. The system was created knowing there may need to be changes after the first year, and the Board of Directors will have reviewed it prior to the printing of this edition. We have listened to your comments, concerns, and suggestions, and will take those into account during the review. Among your comments were how much many of you liked the new report-as-you-go process and the online tool to help you do so. The Board of Directors and Management Team feel these goals have been met.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management Team, and the entire staff, we applaud the lodges that received an award as a result of the activities and charitable donations done by your lodge in 2017. We have been impressed by many of the lodges for their new ideas and the quality of activities performed last year. As a result of these activities, 20 lodges were awarded the highest level Shining Star Award. Nine lodges received the Five Star Award, 14 the Four Star, 14 the Three Star, 15 the Two Star, and 10 the One Star. We hope you will build upon the successes of the first year and strive to enhance what you accomplished in 2017.

Being a fraternal benefit society affords us the opportunity to provide additional benefits to our members that other life insurance companies cannot. In 2017, we provided over $50,000 directly to members in need through various programs. Western also provided $132,000 to our lodges to use in support of their members and communities in need. In total, over $340,000 was spent on member benefits.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the agents who have written business with us this past year. A special congratulations goes out to the award winners highlighted in the February Fraternal Herald. You are a large part of who we are and have brought us the new members and premium dollars needed to support both the life insurance and fraternal sides of our organization.

Each year, I need to thank the dedicated, hard-working staff in the Home Office. The staff is committed to providing excellent service to our members. Four staff members celebrated special anniversaries in 2017: Vice President and Treasurer Jack Minder – 35 years, Member Service Representative Verna Kuehl – 20 years, New Business Supervisor Melissa Clapp - 15 years, and Assistant Manager, Sales and Marketing Rudy Pino – 10 years. Congratulations on your milestone anniversaries. Together, we all strive to “Enrich Today and Insure Tomorrow.”

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Donald M. Nieland


Vice President, Information Technology and Secretary

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