Fundraiser for Czech Heritage Partnership

Fundraiser for Czech Heritage Partnership

Apr 01, 2018

Lois Zajick, Kiara, and Michelle Ellingson at Masopust.

No. 85 members participated in a Masopust event and fundraiser to promote and financially benefit the Czech Heritage Partnership in Protivin, IA. Members were involved with organizing the event and prepared dumplings and kolaches beforehand. On February 10, volunteers registered people at the door, sold kolache, coffee, and other items, helped with the blackjack table, held an auction, decorated, cleaned, and dressed up as clowns for the Masopust celebration that was open to the public.

The Czech Heritage Partnership preserves and promotes Czech culture in areas through education and other activities. Specifically, it is known for helping people with ancestory research. For many years, it has held an annual Masopust, which is a traditional celebration near Ash Wednesday.

No. 85 members applied for Community Matching Funds from Western and were able to then match the money they raised at Masopust and increase the overall donation to Czech Heritage Partnership.

Community Matching Funds is a member benefit that helps lodges increase the financial contribution made to worthy causes in their community after they have a fundraiser. For complete information about Community Matching Funds, visit this page.


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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