Join Hands Day 2018

Join Hands Day 2018

Jul 02, 2018

No. 13, and 423, Cedar Rapids, IA


Our Join Hands Day event was made up of members from three Iowa lodges. We worked with youth from the Jane Boyd after school program to build bluebird houses on May 9 at the Jane Boyd Center. Lee Merta (No. 13) pre-cut the wood and pre-drilled the holes for the nails and screws. He then assembled the nails, screws, and fasteners into baggies and put each kit into a Western Fraternal Life bag.

Two representatives from the Indian Creek Nature Center gave a brief talk about birds before we began building. We then split up so there was one adult to every one child. Members provided hammers and screw drivers for the kids to use. Lee demonstrated assembling the houses. Everyone had a good time and each child was able to go home with a genuine bluebird house to hang up.

No. 9, Morse Bluff, NE


For Join Hands Day, we cleaned Killian’s Cemetery with the help of Boy and Girls Scouts from North Bend. We treated everyone to a hotdog roast at the Vech farm after our activity.

No. 19, Munden, KS

ks-19-1.jpg ks-19-2.jpg

On May 10, members met with the Novy Munden 4-H Club youth to plant flowers in the city of Munden. Following the planting, we treated the youth and their mothers to hotdogs, chips, and cookies.

No. 28, Clarkson, NE
Members helped a group of children from a Sunday school class make thank-you cards for the Norfolk Veteran’s Home on May 6.

No. 38, Austin, MN


Our Join Hands Day project was two-fold. Many members took part in the MS Walk in Rochester. They collected money and donated it to the MS Foundation for research. The second part was that Kenny Schafer continues to mow the small cemetery we cleaned up several years ago.

No. 44, Hayward, MN


Lodge members, the YELL! group, and other kids put flags on vet’s graves at four different cemeteries for JHD.

No. 54, Wilber, NE


For Join Hands Day we had the children from Gingerbread Daycare help us plant flowers at their facility to water and enjoy. On May 22, members Barb Petracek, Deb Petracek, Amanda Gushard, and Brock Doiel helped the children plant the flowers.

No. 56, Lynch, NE
We teamed up with Jolly 17 4-H Club and Lynch Community Club to pick up trash along Hwy 12 for our JHD event.

No. 71, Utica, SD


Members joined with Tabor 4-H Pioneers for the newspaper and aluminum can drive on April 21. All donations go directly to the 4-H Club so that they can sell the newspapers and aluminum cans to generate money for their club.

No. 74, Dorchester, NE


Our JHD event was held May 14 on the Saline County Museum grounds. Members escorted the 2nd and 3rd grade students from Dorchester Public Schools throughout the museum’s buildings. We shared some of the past era’s happenings in the county. The tour was conducted from 8:30-10:30 a.m.

No. 76, Milligan, NE
On May 11, we partnered with Junior Auxiliary of the local legion post to pick up trash south of Milligan. Thanks to John Zelenka, Scott Oliva, Larry Capek, Jo Ann Vavra, and Lucille Capek for helping.

No. 85, Protivin, IA


For JHD, members worked with Boy and Girl Scouts from Ossian to remove trash along Hwy 9.

No. 107, Canby, MN


Members worked with Marble Alta Vista 4-H Club to clean the Bohemian Cemetery. The weather cooperated and melted 17 inches of snow in time.

No. 127, Owatonna, MN


We celebrated JHD on May 4 and 5 by volunteering at the Heart Cancer benefit. Members partnered with students from the Owatonna school district, school staff, and local volunteers. There was a spaghetti supper, auction, and walk marathon.

No. 141, Cadott, WI


Members participated in Join Hands Day on May 5 with students from the Northwoods Church group and the Ice Age Trail Chippewa Moraine Chapter. We cleaned a segment of the trail by picking up branches and twigs that had fallen over the winter. Three bags of trash were filled from other trails and ditches as well.

No. 144, Mosinee, WI


Our Join Hands Day was shared with Valerie Bradfish’s preschool class at St. Paul Catholic School. Janice Wieloch, Gladys Ruha, and Arne Ruha helped students plant flowers in pots that they decorated with stickers. The children were also treated to ice cream that you eat with a wooden spoon and a Boyds Bear.

No. 192, Alexandria, MN


We partnered with the Lake Mary Troopers 4-H Club for Join Hands Day.

No. 193, Adams, WI

wi-193-3.jpg wi-193-1.jpg

Members worked with 4th graders (130 attended), teachers, chaperones, and volunteers from A-F School district on May 10. We had a field day at the Full Cycle Tree Farm where we planted trees, watched saw work, and learned forestry. Everyone left with a goodie bag complete with Western book marks.

No. 196, Black River Falls, WI


We celebrated JHD on May 12 with the Jackson County Bird Club and Methodist Men’s Group. The Bird Club gave a presentation on bluebirdss and we assembled around 30 bluebird houses. Rich Prochaska spent many hours preparing the bird house pieces for us to put together. Afterwards, we enjoyed a barbeque prepared by Jill Prochaska.

No. 219, Strathcona, MN


Lodge members and YELL! group kids made 45 May Day baskets for ADC residents.

No. 225, Bannister, MI


We sewed items for Great Lakes Caring Hospice for our JHD service. Leading up to this day, 25 seniors from Ashley High School, 25 seniors from Ovid Elsie High School, and members of Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Sorority cut out material to have ready for sewing. On May 5, 25 lodge members, 8 non-members, and 6 YELL! members gathered at the hall to complete the items, including 163 clothing protectors, 82 neck pillows, 96 catheter bag covers, 104 hand pillows, 31 hand warmers, 8 lap robes, and 95 hand contracture “carrots”. Gift tags were made by the youth and pinned on each item. Joining with us were St. Cyril’s Knights of Columbus and Altar Society, Ovid Elsie and Ashley High School students, Busy Green Clovers 4-H Club, Ashley and Bannister Methodist Churches, and other friends. Financial donations were received from St. Cyril Altar Society and Knights of Columbus. The project was coordinated by Diane Bradley.

No. 236, Phillips, WI


On May 5, five members and one youth joined with three members of the KC Clovers 4-H Club to cut brush and pick up garbage along Highway 111 in Price County. Members brought various hand tools to do the job of cutting down brush that was overtaking the lupines. Many conversations were held between the adults and children while working as a team. The kids learned about lupines, different plants, trees, bugs, and how to use brushing tools. Member Carole (the Lupine Lady) Zellinger gave the children a packet of lupine seeds and directions on how to grow them. We provided water, bananas, and nutrition bars.

No. 296, Omaha, NE


Our JHD activity started in April when we filled bags with items for a homeless shelter. Debbie Dugan, her youth group, and scouts collected bath tissue, ramen Noodles, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and other useful items for the care bags. They complete their JHD project on May 24 by delivering the care bags to Assumption-Guadalupe Catholic Parish Hall.

No. 330, Brookfield, IL
Join Hands Day at T. J. Marsaryk was held June 2. We planted 18 geranium plants in their garden.

No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI
Members joined the Boy Scouts at the Cenex to help with their fundraiser by bringing baked goods and helping to sell them.

No. 365, Kewaunee, WI

wi-365-2.jpg wi-365-1.jpg

On April 19, members volunteered with Holy Trinity School in Casco for JHD. We planted flowers with the students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Students took some plants home to their moms for Mother’s Day.

No. 389, Western, NE


Lodge members and YELL! youth picked up litter for Join Hands Day on May 7.

No. 400, Swisher, IA


For Join Hands Day on May 5, members volunteered at Girls on the Run 5K.

No. 401, Dallas, TX


For Join Hands Day, along with Fraternal Council, KJT, KNT, and SPJST, we all brought shoes and socks to donate to the children at Buckner’s Children’s Home.

No. 426, Lincoln, NE


On May 5, we worked at the Mahoney Manor and St. Patrick’s Church by raking and weeding the plant beds. Volunteers then planted flowers and spread colorful mulch. Afterwards, we all shared a chicken dinner provided by the lodge. (Photos next column.)

No. 437, Ord, NE
Join Hands Day was held with the CCD class making May bags for the Mid-Nebraska clients. Pizza and pop were enjoyed afterward.

No. 446, Dorchester, TX


Members worked with the YELL! group on Memorial Day to place flags on veteran’s graves at Akers Cemetery in Sherman, TX. The lodge provided burgers and ice cream afterwards.

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