Members in Action Events Bring Community Together

Members in Action Events Bring Community Together

Oct 12, 2018

Members in Action is a member benefit of Western Fraternal Life that funds the supplies, professional services, and promotional items needed to hold successful community events. Recently, the following events were aided by the use of this benefit.

Talent Show in Wagoner, OK


Member Sherry Leland organized a community talent show in Wagoner, OK on May 5. The event was called the Give Myself Away Conference, and young people came together with adults to share dancing, singing, spoken word, and musical performance in a talent show.

Members in Action funds were used for theater rental, refreshments, and awards for the winners.

Father's Day Dinner in Jennings, KS


Over 100 people attended the Father’s Day meal at the former Jennings Old Opera House/Masonic Hall on June 17. The event was sponsored by the Historic Building Preservation Committee, The Sons of American Legion (SAL), and No. 153 (Jennings, KS).

Following the meal, the SAL presented a very moving program honoring veterans of the Iraq war. It featured active duty and veteran guest speakers from Operation Iraqi Freedom including Sgt. 1st Class Brandon Otter, grandmother of three soldiers Myrna Flaska Lacina, Past National Legion Commander Mike Helm, SAL member Jarrod Gerbitz, Major Katrina Lewison (Democratic candidate for Lt. Gov), and SAL member Stacy Hartzog.

No. 153 advertised the event through Facebook, radio, newspapers, and flyers. Members in Action funds were used to cover the costs of food.

Relay for Life in Watertown, WI


Member Craig Prochaska and others from the Black River Falls lodge organized with over 150 volunteers for the Relay for Life of Rock River at Watertown, WI on August 3 and 4. This event had teams that walked the track for 18 hours, along with ceremonies and other activities to honor cancer survivors and their caregivers. The event raises money for the American Cancer Society.

Members in Action funds were used to sponsor a bounce house for children. The event was advertised through newspaper, Facebook, emails, and newsletter.

School Supply Drive in Denmark, WI


Over 100 students in Denmark, WI were ready for the school year thanks to a back-to-school supply drive held by members of No. 108, Denmark, WI on September 4. Members purchased pencils, rulers, bookmarks, pens, dry erase markers, clips, tote bags, and books for the fourth graders. Then, members gathered together to organize the items and present them to teachers.

Members in Action funds were used to purchase supplies with the Western Fraternal Life logo on them.

Apply for Members in Action

  1. Choose a Project
    Any Western member may apply for Members in Action to fund the supplies, services, and promotional needs for a community event open to the public. You must be an active organizer of the event.
  2. Fill Out a Pre-Event Form
    Fill out your Members in Action Pre-Event Form at least 30 days before your event. The Pre-Event Form will guide you through promotional options.
  3. Fill Out a Post-Event Form
    Once your event is approved and completed, fill out the post-event form to be reimbursed for qualified expenses up to $250.

Visit to find forms and more information about Members in Action.

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Communications Coordinator

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