2018 Family Benefit Recipients

2018 Family Benefit Recipients

Nov 06, 2018

Western Fraternal Life's Family Benefit program continues to assist members in need. The Family Benefit provides up to five $1,000 awards annually for costs associated with senior care, child care, respite care, elementary and secondary education, or extracurricular activities. So far, Western has provided $40,000 to members since starting the benefit in 2011. The following are recipients of the 2018 Family Benefit grants.

doris-1.jpg Winner-Katie-Sanford-and-agent-Randy-Kolarik.jpg

Director Don Krall presents Doris Ollinger and her husband with a Family Benefit.

Agent Randy Kolarik presents Katie Sanford and family with a Family Benefit.


Doris Ollinger

Doris Ollinger of No. 146, Irving, IA, was a recipient of the Family Benefit. Since July 2017, Doris and her family have endured hardship. Her husband lost two sisters, requiring long distance travel for the funerals. Doris was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her husband needed hip surgery. After Hurricane Irma, they welcomed their son and his family into their home when they had to evacuate. Doris and her family are trying to keep their heads up and the Family Benefit may help relieve some of the pressure of medical expenses.

Katie Sanford

Katie Sanford of No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI, was a recipient of the Family Benefit. She and her three-year-old son both have Type 1 Diabetes that requires costly medicine and supplies. In addition, her infant child went through expensive helmet therapy. The Family Benefit may help relieve the costs of alternative daycare for the three-year-old where he can get help with a speech delay.

John Hill

John Hill of No. 423, Cedar Rapids, IA, recently moved to an independent living facility in Omaha, NE. John is getting help from physical therapists where he is learning to walk by holding onto a railing. John is enjoying the way it feels. He was also able to get hearing aids to help. The Family Benefit is being used to further his physical therapy and with the expense of hearing aids.

john-hill.jpg  jennifer-hoyt-presenting-charlene-kness-with-check.jpg
Director Don Krall (l) and VP Don Nieland (r) present John Hill and his wife Nancy with a Family Benefit. Agent Jennifer Hoyt presents Charlene Kness and family with a Family Benefit.


Charlene Kness

Charlene Kness of No. 127, Owatonna, MN, was a recipient of the Family Benefit. Two years ago, she suffered a back injury and was out of a job. She drained her savings and 401(k) just to get by. She has been able to get back to work, but now lives paycheck to paycheck. She needs a patch for her roof so that it does not leak. The Family Benefit would help her get the roof repair she needs.

Jacques Tousignant prepares for a marching band trip.


Jacques Tousignant

Jacques Tousignant of No. 10, Minneapolis, MN, was a recipient of the Family Benefit. Jacques and his sister went on a marching band trip in October with the All-State Band. Jacques has been very dedicated to the music lessons and camp fees required. Jacques wanted his family to be able to focus on his dad going back to school, so he asked for help funding the marching band trip. The Family Benefit was used to help alleviate expenses for the trip.

Applications are accepted from May 1 to July 1 each year, and winners are decided by an independent third party. More information can be found at this link.

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