Director Election

Director Election

Nov 01, 2018

Important news for members about the election of Western Fraternal Life Association Board of Directors.

During the 2019 National Convention in Green Bay, WI, delegates from each of the seven districts will assemble and nominate a Director from their respective district.
Candidates for an elected Director position must indicate their intention to seek election and submit all required information regarding their qualifications prior to March 1, 2019. In the event a district shall have no qualified candidates seeking election as of March 1st, the Board of Directors shall seek one or more qualified candidates to nominate for election from the district. No other candidates shall be qualified for election at the Convention.

The Governance Committee shall ensure that appropriate background checks are completed and review the qualifications of all candidates. The Pre-Convention Committee will provide the slate of qualified candidates and information regarding the credentials of all the candidates to the District Delegates at the Convention.

To be eligible for initial election, the candidate shall be a member who has not reached the age of 62 years by January 1 of the calendar year in which their election is held. A member that has been serving as Director as of the time of their proposed election, shall be eligible if they have not reached the age of 66 years by January 1 of the year in which the election is held.

No officer or employee of the Association, other than the President, nor any individual who sells or manages the sale of the Association’s insurance, nor any officer of any life insurance company or any other fraternal beneficiary association is eligible for service as Director. Candidates must live within the district in which they are being elected.

A photograph and brief biography of the candidates will be printed in the May Fraternal Herald.

Terms of the Directors shall commence the second full month following the Convention in which they are elected and ends the second month following the next National Convention. No director may serve beyond December 31 of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 70.

Director Competencies
The following is a list of general competencies needed to fulfill the Directors’ fiduciary duties which include duty of care, duty of loyalty, and duty to maintain confidentiality of non-public Association information.

  • Each director should bring a range of experience, knowledge, and judgement. It is the duty of a director to represent all members of the association, not just those in their district.
  • The Board should reflect a diversity of experiences and backgrounds. Those seeking consideration should do so only with abilities and commitment to become a part of a truly exceptional Board. Examples of the experiences that would be helpful include:
    • Accounting
    • Investments
    • Legal
    • High level of management
    • Insurance knowledge
    • Not-for-Profit organizational expertise
    • Public policy/Government

It is not expected that any individual Director will have all of these skills; rather the goal is to have a balanced representation of relevant skill sets and experience as a whole.

  • Each director should be committed to an acceptable level of attendance, preparedness, and participation with respect to meetings of the Board and its committees.

If you have any questions about this process, or are interested in being a candidate for an elected Director position, please contact Craig Van Dyke at (319) 363-2653 or (877) 935-2467.

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