Members Raise Money for Community Organizations with Western's Matching Funds

Members Raise Money for Community Organizations with Western's Matching Funds

Jan 01, 2019

Western Fraternal Life's Community Matching Funds programs can help fund local community organizations when a lodge holds a fundraiser activity for that purpose. The following are examples of recent fundraisers that benefited from Community Matching Funds.

Milligan, NE

No. 76, Milligan, NE, had a sanctioned rib contest on August 11, 2018 in the Centennial Garden to raise money for windows for the Milligan auditorium. Five of the 11 contestants were some of the top five ranked teams in the Midwest BBQ Association. Contestants came from all over Nebraska. A meal followed the contest.

Wade Sluka organized the event. Members that helped were John Zelenka, David Zeleny, Scott Oliva and his wife Rose, Leonard Sluka, and Tom Sluka. Community member Darin Jansky pitched in as well. The Milligan Czech Brass Band supplied music.

No. 76, Milligan Community Club, Big Cob Hybrids, and Oliva Insurance Agency were major sponsors of the event. Money raised during the event went to the Milligan Auditorium Corporation, which plans to put new windows in the space. The Centennial Garden is nearby the Auditorium. The event qualified for Western's Community Matching Funds program, so funds were given to benefit Milligan Auditorium Corporation.

Luxemburg, WI

No. 391, Luxemburg, WI raised money for the Luxemburg Rescue Service to buy equipment that transports a person in medical need from a confined space (such as narrow stairs) where a typical rescue stretcher cannot be used. To raise money, members made and sold hamburgers and brats at the Festival Foods Brat Barn in Green Bay, WI on April 16, 2018.

Members who volunteered were Julie Thoreson, Pete and Jan Janowski, Al Ledvina, Mary Jo Shefchik, and non-member Nic Privyl. The lodge donated funds on top of funds raised from selling burgers and brats. Money was then matched through Western's Community Matching Funds program to benefit Luxemburg Rescue Service.

Dorchester, TX

No. 446, Dorchester, TX held a combination garage, bake, and plant sale on September 29, 2018 to benefit Grayson Crisis Center in Sherman, TX. Volunteers and members Judy Whitely, Lori Linton, Joe Davis, Bessie Dolezalek, Jennifer Deere, Rick Faber, Donna Word Faber, Misty Faber Lichnovsky, Darlene Linder, Christy Dolezalek Morris, Jeannette Faber Scott, Jamie Dolezalek Vozenilek, Tre Vozenilek, Becky Vincent, Nancy Brown, and Sebastein Spencer organized and volunteered at the event. They also wore their Western or YELL! shirts, advertised the event, and handed out Western brochures as a way to raise awareness.

At the end of the sale, the community had paid or donated over $1,000, and the lodge made an additional contribution. Funds were then matched through Western's Community Matching Funds program to benefit the Grayson Crisis Center. The Grayson Crisis Center provides a safe haven and crisis intervention to victims of family violence and sexual assault.

Apply for Community Matching Funds

Community Matching Funds Benefit provides $500 to lodges who participate in a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Types of community causes include raising funds for the volunteer fire department/local ambulance, helping build a community recreation center, habitat house or local library, fundraisers for non-member families who have experienced a disaster, or charity that has a need.

For complete details, download a Community Matching Funds form at under Member Benefits. If you have questions, please call Member Programs Manager Kelsey Logan at 877-935-2467 or email


Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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