A Message From the President

A Message From the President

Jan 01, 2019

President Craig Van Dyke

In July, we will be gathering in Green Bay, WI for the XXIX National Convention. During member meetings that I participated in last year, I asked how we could make the Convention better. Many members said they would like to learn from other lodges about what they are doing to be successful. We are excited to announce that at this year’s Convention we will be offering a chance to participate in some panel discussions. The topics will include: lodge projects and how to make them better, fraternals of the future, and a couple of other topics that are being discussed.

Thursday and Friday while the Convention is in session, we will be having a Young Member Summit for all the young members in attendance who are not delegates. The Young Member Summit will offer young members a chance to meet and discuss the future of our fraternal. They will also participate in a service project at a local agency. The Young Member Summit attendees will present to the delegation on Friday.

On Friday, after the Convention has adjourned, we will be doing a fraternal service project again. We invite all delegates, guests, and young members to help assemble packaged meals for Kids Against Hunger. This year’s goal will be to package 45,000 meals. At the Convention in Cedar Rapids, we were able to put together over 30,000 meals. Western will be matching donations again this year. Please have your lodge consider donating to this worthy charity.

The 2018 Fraternalist of the Year award was presented to Mary Haggerty of Lodge No. 38 in Austin, MN. An article of her accomplishments appeared in the November 2018 issue of the Fraternal Herald. Mary’s commitment to Western and her community is a perfect example of what fraternalism is all about.

This issue of the Fraternal Herald recognizes our faithful members who will celebrate their 50th and 75th anniversaries with Western in 2019. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and acknowledged! Additionally, I would like to recognize our lodge’s anniversaries, many of which are celebrating over 100 years of fraternalism and service.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the Convention in Green Bay, WI later this year.


Craig Van Dyke, CFA | President

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Craig Van Dyke

CFA, President

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