Members in Action Supports Czech Heritage Events

Members in Action Supports Czech Heritage Events

Feb 01, 2019

Members in Action is a member benefit of Western Fraternal Life that funds the supplies, professional services, and promotional items needed to hold successful community events. Recently, the following events were aided by the use of this benefit.

Open House in Rossville, KS

Friends of the Bohemian Hall is a new organization in Rossville, KS. The organization's purpose is to get the community more involved in using the local Bohemian Hall for events.

Member Douglas Martinek used Members in Action funds to send an eight-page mailer to over 400 community members. The mailer promoted upcoming lodge events and what the hall can provide. Members in Action also covered costs associated with the open house in late September.

The open house was planned at the Bohemian Hall on its 110th anniversary. The intent was to show off what has already been accomplished with updates, and introduce future projects.

rossvile1.jpg rossvile2.jpg
Guests enjoy a display of Czech objects at the Bohemian Hall. Copies of the Fraternal Herald and other Western items were displayed.


Garage Sale in Jennings, KS

Each year, there is a border-to-border garage sale across much of the United States along Highway 36. Near Jennings, KS, members of No. 153 got involved with this event on September 14 and 15.

They used Members in Action to purchase supplies for baking kolache to sell during the garage sale. In addition, the lodge advertised in their local papers, had signs, and wore their Western t-shirts. This event helps gain exposure for their lodge and promote Czech heritage.

Brian Cook purchases the last kolache.


Czech Bakery in Village of Ashley, MI

The Village of Ashley, MI, transforms into a 1950's Christmas village from mid-November to mid-December every year. Visitors arrive via the 1225 steam-powered train, used to make the movie The Polar Express, or their cars. Over 900 guests also enjoy the Czech bakery and village decorations.

Members of No. 225, Bannister, MI, volunteer at the Christmas village by decorating beforehand, baking, doing jobs in the village, and helping with the bakery. The bakery sells Czech jewelry, lodge cookbooks, and other culture items in addition to pastries.

No. 225 used Members in Action to purchase baking supplies and Western tote bags to give away. The event is a nice way to enjoy the Christmas season, and the bakery specifically highlights Czech heritage.

czech-bakery1.jpg  czech-bakery2.jpg 
 Cookbooks for sale at the bakery.  No. 225 volunteers at the bakery.


For forms and more information about Members in Action visit this link.

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