2019 National Scholarship Winners

2019 National Scholarship Winners

May 07, 2019

Western wants to help all our members succeed and is excited to help them attain their dreams through education. As the cost of getting a higher education continues to grow, Western Fraternal Life is proud to offer 25 National Scholarships every year. Western is pleased to announce the winners of the Western Fraternal Life National Scholarships. This year, 82 qualified members applied for the National Scholarship.

The scholarships include:

  • One four-year Academic Scholarship, $1,000 per year for a total of $4,000.
  • Two $1,000 scholarships to either Community College or Vocational/Technical school.
  • One Community Involvement Scholarship for $1,000 to an applicant with outstanding volunteer service.
  • One Non-Traditional Student Scholarship for $1,000 to applicants age 25 and older.
  • Twenty scholarships are awarded based on academic ability, test scores, lodge involvement, school and community involvement, and financial need.

Each applicant must have been a member for two years prior to application. The applicant must maintain a C-grade average each year of a four-year scholarship and plan to or be enrolled as a full time student at an accredited school. An individual may apply for a one-year scholarship up to four times for a total of $4,000. Scholarship regulations and the application can be found on our website: www.wflains.org or by calling toll free 877-935-2467.

The applicants were judged by Director of Financial Aid at Mount Mercy University, Bethany Davenport and Director of Student Services at Kirkwood Community College, Nick Borders. In addition to securing neutral judges, each application and related materials are assigned a number to ensure impartiality.

Amanda Malek

Amanda Malek, No. 225, Bannister, MI is the winner of our 4-year National Academic Scholarship. She will attend Central Michigan University and earn a bachelor's degree is neuroscience. Ultimately, Amanda will attend medical school and hopes to spread healing among her patients and “a lot of love, kindness, and sunshine.”


Thaddeus Lievens

Thaddeus Lievens, No. 361, Meadowlands, MN will attend Huntingdon College and follow in the footsteps of his parents by becoming an Optometrist. It has always been a dream and desire for Thaddeus to care for the underserved. He would like to take mission trips to other countries and provide services to all ages and those who wouldn’t normally receive them. To provide sight to persons of all backgrounds would be very rewarding and give his life purpose.


Autumn Thome

Autumn Thome, No. 100, Haugen, WI is one of the Community/Vocational/Tech School Scholarship winners. She is attending Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College. Autumn wants to run a small business where she can provide a spot for people to come and escape from the world. Her ideal business would be a deli and coffee shop geared towards young adults.


Mary Kate Shlimovitz

Mary Kate Shlimovitz, No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI is the second Community/Vocational/Tech School Scholarship winner. She was accepted into Madison Area Technical College and will major in dental hygiene. Mary Kate would like to help kids overcome their fear of the dentist and would like to specialize in pediatrics. Mary Kate feels with hard work and dedication, all her goals are attainable.


Katherine Yapp

Katherine Yapp, No. 69, St. Paul, MN won the Outstanding Volunteer Community Service Scholarship and will attend St. Catherine University. She plans on majoring in strategic political communication and marketing before starting law school. Katherine has a passion for politics and hopes to one day become a legislator.


Michael Rohde

Michael Rohde, No. 237, Winner, SD is our Non-Traditional Student Scholarship winner and attends Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. He plans to become a veterinarian in rural South Dakota. Michael would like to settle in a rural area and focus on serving those in the beef production business. He wants to put his best efforts into improving animal quality of life and making a sizeable impact on the planet’s nutritional needs. Michael feels his goals will advance animal health, animal welfare, food safety, and public health.


Christy Sopocy

Christy Sopocy, No. 225, Bannister, MI attends Michigan State University and is pursuing a degree in interior design. She hopes to create beautiful spaces that are functional and meet the needs of her clientele. Specific designs can help those with special needs feel more independent. Christy also desires to utilize resources and recycled materials to benefit the environment and make a positive impact in the lives of others.


Scott Wright

Scott Wright, No. 53, Niobrara, NE has been accepted into Creighton University and hopes to pursue a career in politics. Through his love and passion for speech, Scott competed in Extemporaneous Speaking, a political speaking event, and realized his interest in the political field. By participating in his state’s legislature, Scott became even more convinced that he could apply his passions to a career that can make a difference.


Marie Christenson

Marie Christenson, No. 357, Racine, WI will be attending Carthage College and majoring in marketing with a minor in communications. She has always been interested in market research and advertising. Since freshman year, Marie knew what her career goals would be and planned accordingly by taking several courses in preparation for her future in marketing. She is confident in her abilities to one day secure a position in a marketing firm.


William Dunleavy

William Dunleavy, No. 330, Brookfield, IL attends Butler University and pursues a degree in finance. At an early age, he became interested in the stock market and began investing money he made at a summer job. Since finance is a broad major, William intends to narrow his choices down to corporate finance and banking. An investment career would be most desirable since its focus is on stock market trading. Once William graduates from Butler, he plans to start his career, then pursue an MBA.


Logan Krivanek

Logan Krivanek, No. 67, Yukon, OK attends the University of Oklahoma and hopes to become a physician’s associate to serve the community by helping others with compassion, understanding, and hard work. Logan will major in psychology since it’ll steer her towards a bachelor’s degree on the PA’s track. She has chosen a minor in Native American Studies, which spurs an academic interest of hers being of Choctaw and Potawatomi descent. Logan hopes to one day serve a Native American hospital or clinic.


Allyson Laidlaw

Allyson Laidlaw, No. 144, Mosinee, WI has been attending St. Norbert College and double majors in graphic design and computer science. She wants to program websites and create brand identities that are beautiful, streamlined, and instantly recognizable. Allyson wants to add beauty to the world and believes it’s in the tools, accessories, and systems we use to navigate everyday life.


Sotheby Shedeck

Sotheby Shedeck, No. 67, Yukon, OK attends Oklahoma State University for finance. She hopes to study environmental law at Oklahoma Law School once she graduates OSU. Making a positive impact on the environment through helping local and state environmental regulations is important to Sotheby. Once practicing law for several years, she hopes to become a municipal judge in her local county.


Jacob Sestak

Jacob Sestak, No. 46, Prague, OK attends Oklahoma State University and is working towards his undergraduate in agriculture economics. This also includes a minor in environmental economics, politics, and policy. Jacob would like to pursue a master’s degree in agriculture economics and then a juris doctorate to be an environmental lawyer. He’d like to protect farmers and ranchers from further regulations that make their production difficult.


Alyxandra Sestak

Alyxandra Sestak, No. 46, Prague, OK attends the University of OK Health Science Center to pursue a bachelor’s of science in nursing. Connecting to and serving people has always been a passion for Alyxandra. Her undergraduate involves serving prenatal to geriatric patients and everything in-between. She has also had the opportunity to work abroad with medical missions and is excited to continue that in her career. Currently, she wants to earn a master’s degree and be a family nurse practitioner and hopes to leave people with kind thoughts and sweet words.


Macy Trousil

Macy Trousil, No. 192, Alexandria, MN will attend the University of MN-Rochester and will study to become a neurosurgeon. All her goals revolve around a deep learning experience that involves the understanding of an ever-changing study of the brain. Macy wants to make a difference in the world and becoming a surgeon is her biggest goal in life. Helping others is what brings the most happiness to Macy and she’ll strive to continue that in her career.


Kaitlyn Gilson

Kaitlyn Gilson, No. 365, Kewaunee, WI will attend Carthage College and hopes to pursue a career in the non-profit sector. By working in this field, Kaitlyn will achieve her goal of giving back to her community. As a political science major, she hopes to give opportunities to the citizens in her community so they can achieve their personal aspirations. The political science program provides a broad education of the world and economic system that will help Kaitlyn reach her goals.


Celia Kolarik

Celia Kolarik, No. 108, Denmark, WI attends the University of WI-Green Bay and pursues a degree in art therapy. The creative process of art has always been cathartic for Celia and when she found she could combine her passion of art and helping others together, she knew she had found her career. Armed with the skills and knowledge she’ll gain in college, Celia can envision a successful future in helping people overcome the challenges they may face in life.


Kendra Weber

Kendra Weber, No. 38, Austin, MN attends Gordon College and is earning her bachelor’s degree in music education. She hopes to lead and conduct a high school choir class, as well as other music related extracurricular activities, like show choir and musicals. Attending a college with Christian principles helps Kendra incorporate these into everyday life. Her life-long goal is to continue to graduate school and maybe one day own her own music performance studio.


Summer Marske

Summer Marske, No. 100, Haugen, WI studies at the University of WI-Eau Claire to be a speech and language pathologist, double majoring with communication science disorders and Spanish. Another goal for Summer is to be able to work in a school with Spanish children who are learning English as a second language. She would also like to use her talents to work with premature babies and elderly patients who have had strokes. Summer’s ultimate goal is to make a difference in her patient’s lives.


Samuel Rohret

Samuel Rohret, No. 7, Cedar Rapids, IA attends Saint John’s University and studies biochemistry in the hopes of becoming an endocrinologist. A few years ago, Samuel was blindsided when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Instead of letting the disease define him, Samuel decided to learn all he could in order to gain control of his new reality. This positive thinking led Samuel to his career choice in hopes of helping others who have been afflicted by this disease.


Anna Prchal

Anna Prchal, No. 2, New Prague, MN was accepted into South Dakota State University and intends to obtain a degree in biosystems engineering with a water and natural resource engineering emphasis. With this degree, Anna hopes to find ways to reduce soil compaction, control the carbon footprint, and preserve natural habitats. She hopes to work for a progressive company that values agriculture progress, along with protecting the environment.


Kate Quade

Kate Quade, No. 108, Denmark, WI is in her second year at the University of WI-Stout and is working towards a career in the packing field as a packing engineer. She is passionate about preventing the degradation of the environment and protecting natural resources. Kate hopes to develop and research new products that will aid in creating manufacturing and design processes that are beneficial to the environment.

WFLA Education and Charitable Foundation: This 501(c) (3) charitable organization provides additional scholarships to members for their continued education. Donations from lodges or members to this fund provide for these scholarship opportunities. As funds build, more scholarships will be available.   

Alexis Christensen

Alexis Christensen, No. 107, Canby, MN is the recipient of the Carl and Stella Ruzek Education and Charitable Foundation Scholarship. She was accepted into Southwest Minnesota State University and will earn her teaching degree in music with a minor in English as a second language in order to use her Chinese and English skills. Alexis strives to be a teacher who helps students to learn, not just someone who teaches to test. She would also love to teach in South Korea where the need for English speaking teachers is great.


Courtney Accorsi

Courtney Accorsi, No. 242, Owosso, MI attends Michigan State University and is working towards a degree in neuroscience. After losing someone important in her life, Courtney narrowed her options down to being a doctor. That and the drive to know “why” is what motivates Courtney to want to help others cope with losing a loved one.


Zachery Borer

Zachery Borer, No. 9, Morse Bluff, NE attends Colorado School of Mines-Engineering School and aims to be a mechanical engineer. This degree will give Zach a wide range of areas to work and discover more about how he can benefit the world. Zach is passionate about learning the way various things work and doing hands-on projects. Ultimately, Zach wants to improve the lives of many people in the career he chooses.


Jacques Tousignant

Jacques Tousignant, No. 10, Minneapolis, MN was accepted into the University of MN-Twin Cities and will major in music. He loves the journey you take with music as a performer, seeing yourself grow and get better, and the connection you make with other musicians. Jacques would like to double major in music education and music performance. As a music educator, he would like to share his passion for music and provide others with great experiences as they perform. Jacques desires to see himself grow and improve as he shares what he learns with others.


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