Sharing Our Gifts with Seniors

Sharing Our Gifts with Seniors

Jun 07, 2019

As people age, they can benefit from community senior centers. These places help take care of seniors' daily needs, and provide a community space where they can interact with others in their age group.

We can make a difference for senior citizens by getting involved with our local senior centers as well. Did you know that nearly a third of people age 65 and older live alone? Additionally, more senior adults do not have children to provide them with company and care. For these reasons, we need to make efforts to reach out to senior citizens, and let them know that they are a cherished part of our communities.

Our members enjoy finding ways to get involved with seniors, and making thoughtful gifts for them. The following examples may provide inspiration for you or your lodge to get more involved with seniors in your community.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Kelsey Clapp, No. 7, ready to make gift tags.

Sunday school children helped members of
No. 28 make door hangers.

 Stress dolls made by members of No. 9 and senior center residents.

Members of No. 7, Cedar Rapids, IA, wanted to do something for residents of Manor Care. They collected puzzle books and similar activities that the seniors would enjoy doing in their spare time. At one of their meetings, they also did a craft activity where they made bookmarks. The bookmarks and puzzle books were assembled with Western tags and put into Western bags before they were delivered to Manor Care.

This was a new activity. In years past, they cut out hearts from fabric to make into therapy pillows for heart patients. A project like the bookmarks, however, was easier to complete after a meeting using scrapbook paper and recycled greeting cards. They did a similar card-making project for the veterans last year.

Clarkson, NE

Before Christmas, members of No. 28, Clarkson, NE, gathered to make a variety of door hangers for residents of Clarkson Community Center. They joined with Sunday school children in the activity. The seniors there were surprised and happy to have so many different options, and were able to pick one that they liked best.

Morse Bluff, NE

Members of No. 9, Morse Bluff, NE regularly engage with residents of the senior center in North Bend and other elders in the community.

They helped put up Christmas decorations in early December to brighten spirits around the holiday when there are regular meal times and celebrations. They also do this for other holidays throughout the year.

In January, all the members baked cookies. Williard Horak always makes rosettes, which is a Christmas tradition begun by his Czech grandmother. Plates of cookies are then delivered to solitary elderly residents in Morse Bluff. Sometimes, area youth also help make and deliver cookies with the lodge. "We like to involve the youth at a young age to do projects like this with the hope that the experience will follow them throughout their adulthood."

In March, members went to the senior center and learned to make stress dolls (also called dammit dolls) with the seniors. Afterward, they had dinner and visited with them.
In May, they made May Day baskets for elders in Morse Bluff and some youth helped deliver them.

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Cindy Motsinger

Communications Coordinator

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