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Sep 04, 2019

WFLA-Board-2019.jpg2015 - 2019 Board of Directors


First of all, I would like to thank the delegates from the state of Nebraska for electing me as their Director for District 1. It was a great National Convention in Green Bay, WI and I met so many wonderful individuals there from all over the country. The one thing I learned more than anything at the Convention is that Western members are very passionate about the direction we are going, while also celebrating our past. I feel very blessed and humbled to represent District 1 on the Board of Directors. The Board is well represented with intelligent individuals with backgrounds and strengths in many different areas and I am looking forward to serving all of you for the next four years.

Mike Hosek, Director District 1


Thank you fellow delegates for honoring me with your vote at the National Convention. I am humbled and honored for your support in re-electing me as your director for the next four years with Western Fraternal Life. Being an effective director involves listening to members as well as addressing their concerns. I sincerely appreciate everyone's willingness to discuss what really matters, as well as providing feedback. I am proud of the people I represent, in addition to representing the Association and the Czech/Slovak heritages. I look forward to continuing my fiduciary responsibilities as your director.

Brenda Vrieze, Director District 2

 don-krall.jpg I would like to thank all the delegates from Iowa District 3 for electing me as their Director at the Convention in July. I am truly honored with the trust you have instilled in me and am looking forward to serving another term. Congratulations to Ken Zajicek and Virginia Wilts for their election as Pre-Convention Committee members. I would also like to thank outgoing Directors Terry Hynek and Bonita Fillmore for their terms as directors of Western Fraternal Life. It was a pleasure to serve with them and I wish them my very best. For all the members who served as delegates and guests, your participation at the Convention and service project contributed to a successful Convention, thanks to you.

Don Krall, Director District 3

 duane-jirik.jpg First of all, I want to thank everyone for attending the National Convention in Green Bay. It was a great time! I got to see old friends and make new friends! It was great to see the young members taking an active part in the matters at hand. This is our future. I also want to thank the Convention for the trust that you place in me and all the board members for electing us to our positions. We, as the Board of Directors, do truly have the Association at heart and work hard for this society. I hope to see everyone soon!

Duane J. Jirik, Director District 4 and Chairman of the Board


It has been an honor and privilege to serve on the Board of Directors for Western Fraternal Life and I am humbled to continue that service. The XXIX Convention was effective in conducting the business of Western and was an opportunity to connect with old friends and to make new ones. We were able to hear and learn from others during panel discussions and conversations throughout. Thanks to the many donors and volunteers during the Convention, the service project will provide a remarkable 45,360 meals to families. Finally, the youth summit was inspiring and brought a great sense of hope for our nation's next generation of leaders. The youth of Western are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today. They inspire their peers, serve their communities, and have an enormous desire to become leaders in our local and national activities. They reminded me of the fire that I had at that age and of the urgency to embrace and engage with them now. Western must be an organization that builds for the future and our passionate, smart, and talented youth not only deserve a seat at the table, we need them at the table. Again, I am humbled and honored to continue representing the interest of all members across the Association.

Mary K. Bradley, Director District 5

 BONITA-FILLMORE-dis6.jpg Thank you for giving me eight wonderful years serving you and serving for you on the Board of Directors. It has been one of the best times of my life and I hope to continue getting to know you through our fraternal events. Take care, and thank you again.

Bonita Fillmore, former Director District 6


First, I want to thank District 6 members for this opportunity to represent them as a Western Fraternal Life Board of Director member. I enjoyed meeting many of the members at the Green Bay Convention and look forward to meeting the rest of you at your lodge gatherings. I will reach out to all District 6 lodges to introduce myself and start planning visits to your lodge meetings and events. I also want to thank Bonita Fillmore for serving as the voice of District 6 for the past eight years. Even though our district constitutes a vast territory, Bonita was responsive to our needs and shared our concerns with her fellow board members. She will be a hard act to follow, but I know I can count on her for guidance in my new role. I also hope to share more positive travel stories with everyone at the next Convention! Finally, I extend my hand of gratitude to the current board members who have been so welcoming and accommodating. Utilizing past professional and personal areas of expertise, I look forward to working with the entire board to tackle the challenges facing our Association and to share new ideas to continue our success for future generations. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this fellowship and honored to represent District 6.

Karen Ryba, Director District 6

 ross-sestak.jpg It has been my honor and privilege to serve on the Western Board of Directors with Terry and Bonita. As a freshman director, each of them brought a given level of expertise to the board that will be difficult to replace. I appreciate all they did for me to make me feel welcomed and their guidance in helping me be a team player on the board. Their friendship will be always cherished and appreciated. I would like to thank the members of District 7 for their support throughout the past four year term. I am honored to be serving as your director.

Ross Sestak, Director District 7

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