2019 Family Benefit Recipients

2019 Family Benefit Recipients

Nov 01, 2019

Ronald Lerseth and his wife Bernice.
Mike Hosek, Lacy McLaughlin, and Howard Blecha.

Katie Sanford and family with Agent Randy Kolarik (l).


Jennifer Powers and Agent Randy Kolarik.

Agent Diane Rook-Johnson (r) with Lora Davis and her mom Gae Davis.

Western Fraternal Life's Family Benefit program continues to assist members in need. The Family Benefit provides up to five $1,000 awards annually for costs associated with senior care, child care, respite care, elementary and secondary education, or extracurricular activities. So far, Western has provided $45,000 to members since starting the benefit in 2011. The following are recipients of the 2019 Family Benefit grants.

Ronald Lerseth

Ronald Lerseth of No. 71, Utica, SD, is a recipient of the Family Benefit. Ronald has been confined to a wheelchair for the last five years. His wife can longer lift him or do the things he cannot do for himself. Ronald gets assistance from a young man at the Good Samaritan Home Health, but insurance does not cover the service. The Family Benefit will help cover some of the cost of this assistance and allow Ronald to stay in his own home.

Lacy McLaughlin

Lacy McLaughlin of No. 101, Du Bois, NE, is a recipient of the Family Benefit. Lacy is a single mother of three children under age 18. The kids always want to join in extracurricular activities but funds are tight, so they aren't able to participate. The Family Benefit will help with school activities and extra costs.

Katie Sanford

Katie Sanford of No. 332, Weyerhaeuser, WI, is a recipient of the Family Benefit. She and her young son have Type 1 diabetes. Both require costly medicine, supplies, and special care. In addition, Katie's husband is going to school full time which limits work hours to cover childcare expenses. With the Family Benefit, extra daycare costs for their children will be covered while her husband is in school.

Jennifer Powers

Jennifer Powers of No. 100, Haugen, WI, is a recipient of the Family Benefit. Her son Tyler was tragically killed in a car accident. The Family Benefit will be used to cover expenses for the wife and infant he left behind.

Lora Davis

Lora Davis of No. 192, Alexandria, MN, is a recipient of the Family Benefit. She is in school to become a registered nurse. Her parents cannot afford to help her financially, so the benefit will assist with costs of her education. With the big expense of school being covered, Lora will have more money freed up for necessities, such as food and clothing.

Applications are accepted from May 1 to July 1 each year, and winners are decided by an independent third party. More information can be found at this link.

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