A Message From the President

A Message From the President

Jan 01, 2020

“Enriching Today, Insuring Tomorrow.” This tag line was developed in a 2014 rebranding effort. As I reflect back on the meaning of this, it makes me proud to be a part of this organization. For almost 125 years, Western has been enriching and insuring the lives of our members. Our sales force does an incredible job protecting the future of our members and their families through the use of our insurance and annuity products. This includes everything from transferring wealth to the next generation of family members, to planning for your funeral so your family does not have the burden after you are gone.

Enriching today is what makes Western unique from other companies. You have seen commercials and newspaper articles about companies that give back to their communities. This is not a new concept to Western; we have been giving back for 123 years! In fact, this is what the foundation of our company is built on, pouring our time, talent, and resources into the communities and lives of our members. For profit companies have figured out that this is what consumers want, to be part of something bigger than them. Consumers want to do business with companies focused on people and their communities, not just the bottom line.

It overwhelms me to see and read about all of the great deeds our members do throughout the year. Watching the delegates package 45,000 meals at the Convention was amazing! What is even more amazing is that you are not doing this for publicity, you are doing it because it is the right thing to do. Therefore, my challenge to you is to tell everyone about what Western does for you, your family, and your community. Invite them to participate in your community events. Let everyone know who we are!

Speaking of members going above and beyond, the 2019 Fraternalist of the Year award was presented to Gladys Ruha of Lodge 144 in Mosinee, WI at the Convention in Green Bay. An article of Gladys’s accomplishments appeared in the October issue of the Fraternal Herald. I was fortunate to present Gladys both the Wisconsin and National Fraternalist of the Year awards. Gladys’s huge heart and commitment to Western and her community is a perfect example of what fraternalism is all about.

This issue of the Fraternal Herald recognizes our faithful members who are committed to the mission of Western and will celebrate their 50th and 75th anniversaries in 2020. Your continued support is greatly appreciated and acknowledged!

Craig Van Dyke, CFA

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Craig Van Dyke

CFA, President

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