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How Western Fraternal Life is Responding to COVID-19 Situation

Mar 18, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Western Fraternal Life would like to let our members and agents know that our office will remain open during these challenging times. However, if at some point we are required to adjust our staffing, then please know that Western Fraternal Life staff does have the ability to work remotely. If this should occur, there will be no interruption in service for our Western Fraternal Life members and agents.

We are taking this situation seriously and are continuing to take precautions to protect our employees. With that, we are asking that members and agents refrain from coming to the Home Office until further notice. If you need to deliver anything to the office, we ask that you leave the item in the vestibule.

Communication is key. We are monitoring this developing situation closely and are committed to keeping you informed. We'll continue to post updates as this situation evolves.

We wish everyone the best of health and want to assure our members and agents that Western Fraternal Life is ready to assist, especially during these difficult times.

Craig Van Dyke
President and CEO

Category: home office

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