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28th National Convention: Part III

The final piece about the Convention is all about the first Fraternal Service Project with Kids Against Hunger.
#sidebar-archives h3{display:none;} Western Fraternal Life partnered with the charity, Kids Against Hunger, for a service project at the conclusion of the Convention on…

28th National Convention: part II

Read about the Youth Conference at the National Convention
#sidebar-archives h3{display:none;} On Thursday, the Youth Conference attendees gathered in the ballroom at 8am to practice the presentation of the flags and singing the…

28th National Convention part 1

The National Convention on July 23rd and July 24th.
#sidebar-archives h3{display:none;} On Wednesday, July 23rd, registration began for the 28th National Convention of Western Fraternal Life Association. Members representing 73…

National Convention Q and A

Everything you need to know about the National Convention in 2015.
#sidebar-archives h3{display:none;} Q: What is the National Convention? A: The National Convention is Western Fraternal Life’s legislative and governing body. Delegates are…

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