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Bratri Novych Hradu No. 141

Cadott, WI

December 2018

This month our lodge purchased a Fraternal Herald subscription for a non-member. We also paid out the scholarship to the 2018 recipient, Rachel Manier.

Save the date for the UWEC Folk Fair on April 6 from noon to 4 p.m. Our next meeting is April 19, 5 p.m. at the Bohemian Hall.

November 2018

Our 2008 Fraternalist of the Year, Jane Moucha, passed away November 19. A celebration of life was held at the Bohemian Hall on November 28. The hall was filled beyond capacity with people expressing their condolences.Jane was instrumental in helping bring our lodge back to life and saving the historic hall from falling down. She spent countless hours working on fundraisers, such as “Long Live the Squeezebox” and our Centennial Cookbook. She ensured the next generation would know how to make kolache by teaching many classes on this art. She will be deeply missed.

The lodge meeting was held December 6 at the Cadott Color Center. An election of officers was held and a schedule of events for the coming year was planned.

Thanks to all members who helped with events the past year. We hope to see more members get involved next year!

Save the date for our meeting at 5 p.m. on April 19 at the Bohemian Hall.

October 2018

A Polka dance was held at the Bohemian Hall on October 14 with the Cynor Classics. We enjoyed halusky and kolache made by Dana Carlson, Dawn Knutson, and Rhonda Krumenauer.

On October 15, we woke to the terrible news of a brutal murder and the abduction of Jayme Closs. This tragedy is personal to us as they are family to member Tyrel Sikora and Dennis Naiberg, host of the Naiberg Family History website that many people use for genealogy research. We have donated a percent of our lodge grant to the Closs family to help locate Jayme and bring her home.

Just a few weeks later, tragedy struck the Chippewa Valley again when an intoxicated driver hit a group of Girl Scouts doing road clean-up and left the scene of the accident. The scout leader and three girls were killed with one left in critical condition. The organization, Helping Kids Around the Chippewa Valley, asked for teddy bears to be distributed to the schools where the girls attended. We donated a box.

A Pre-Convention committee conference call was held October 26. Representing District 2 is Katie Janette from No. 357 and JoAnn Parks from No. 141.

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Members Dana Carlson, Brent, Dawn, Dacey, and Natalie Knutson attended the Lazy Monk October Fest in Eau Claire on September 22. They made and sold over 450 kolache and cookbooks and handed out posters to promote the October Polka dance. 

Eleanor Sedlacek, Jean Dressel, Marlene Moucha, and JoAnn Parks attended the State Meeting in Black River Falls on October 6. They took items to be donated to the state scholarship fund.

At our December 6 meeting, we will have an election of officers.

September 2018

The Yellowstone Art Tour was September 7 and 8. Several artists displayed their crafts at the hall. Members sold cookbooks and several people asked for tours of the historic building. The artists want to give a special thanks to Jane Moucha as she made kolache and lunch for the vendors! Her generosity and kindness was greatly appreciated and will not be forgotten they said!

The Polka Dance with Cynor Classic was October 14 from 1-5 p.m. “Like” us on Facebook at Cadott Bohemian Hall for updated information on upcoming events.
December 6 is the election of officers.

August 2018

YELL! members delivered eyeglasses to the Lion’s Club program.


A potluck and meeting was held August 9 at Riverview Park in Cadott.

Members Dawn Moucha Knutson, Morgan Moucha, and Dana Moucha Carlson went to the Twin cities on June 27 to see Morgan off to join the Navy. Morgan has helped tremendously at our lodge since the time she could walk! She recently learned how to make kolache, which is a great help.

The crew at the hall is proud of you Morgan! Best wishes.

“Like” us on Facebook at “Cadott Bohemian Hall” for updated information on upcoming events. Join us for a Polka dance with Cynor Classics at Bohemian Hall on October 14 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Our next meeting is December 6 where we’ll hold an election of officers.

July 2018

The 56th annual Father’s Day chicken dinner was another busy day at the Bohemian Hall. Money was raised for the Cemetery Association for grounds care.

We loaned chairs out for a wedding. Pop cans were collected for the Cans for Scouts program in Cornell.

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June 2018

We participated in the Portage County Cultural Festival on May 12 in Stevens Point.

Our 2018 Scholarship winner is Rachel Manier. 

A potluck luncheon held at the Bohemian Hall followed the Memorial Day ceremony at the Bohemian National Cemetery.

JoAnn Parks attended the District 4 Meeting in Ladysmith on June 3. She was re-elected as District President and Advisory Committee person.

"Like" us on Facebook at Cadott Bohemian Hall for updated information on upcoming events.
Join us August 9 for a potluck picnic at Riverview Park.

May 2018

Spring cleaning of the Historic Bohemian Hall was April 19, followed by a meeting.

Dawn Knutson, Danyelle Moucha, Dacey Knutson, Morgen Moucha, and Natalie Knutson at the spring market.

The Fruhlingkindlmarkt (Outdoor Spring Market) hosted by Lazy Monk Brewing was April 28 in Eau Claire. Members sold kolache and cookbooks at the market.
The UWEC folk fair held on April 29 was a busy day. This year’s theme was food, so we made kolache and halusky to sell. We were joined by Pat Novak from Haugen lodge and Annika Angelo, the Miss Czech-Slovak WI State Queen from Phillips.

On April 30, the scholarship committee held a meeting to select this year’s recipient.
A tour of the historic hall was given on May 1. Some were fascinated with the picture of Jan Hus as they were brought up in the Moravian Church. They even shared a little of their history.
Long Live the Squeeze Box was May 4 with another full house and great musicians performing. This year the program started with Saige Sikora singing the National Anthem and after intermission the Czech National Anthem.

Saige Sikora singing American and Czech National Anthem at Long Live the Squeeze Box.

On May 5, we delivered May baskets to the residents at the Cornell Care Center.

Tristen Moucha and April Teigs delivering May baskets.

Like us on Facebook at “Cadott Bohemian Hall” for information on upcoming events. Join us for a Father’s Day chicken dinner and meeting on August 9 at Riverview Park.

April 2018

Knitted and crocheted hats were sent to Hope Lodge in Marshfield. The American Cancer Society house serves as a home away from home, free of charge, for adult cancer patients and their caregiver. The hats are given to patients staying there. Several people from our area have stayed at the house when receiving treatments at the hospital near there.

The WI State Advisory Board meeting, held on March 24, was attended by JoAnn Parks on the Advisory Committee and Cade Sikora on the Scholarship Committee.

Graduating seniors make sure to apply for the Lodge 141 Scholarship, WI/Upper MI, and the Western National Scholarships.

“Like” us on Facebook page at Cadott Bohemian Hall for updated information on upcoming events.

Join us for PCCF on May 12 and the August 9 potluck picnic at Riverview Park.

March 2018

Our lodge has entries in the 46th Lidice Art Contest. Skylar and Hunter Parks and Mya and Lila Staley entered photos they took based on this year’s theme of water.

Magazines were recycled and shared with Nyhus Chiropractic in Chippewa Falls on February 28.
Jane Moucha taught a kolache class on February 16. The ladies were delighted with the results. For some of them it was their first kolache experience.

Graduating seniors, make sure you apply for the Lodge No. 141 Scholarship and WI/Upper MI Scholarships.
“Like” us on Facebook at Cadott Bohemian Hall for updated information on upcoming events. Join us for spring house cleaning on April 19 at 5 p.m. with meeting to follow. The UWEC Folk Fair is April 29, Squeeze Box is May 4 at 7 p.m., and PCCF is May 12.

February 2018

Boyd Bears were delivered to the Cornell Nursing Home by Jean Dressel and Emery and Eleanor Sedlacek on February 2. The bears are to be given to those who need comforting.

Pill bottles were recycled at the Lake Wissota Animal Clinic.

Graduating seniors, make sure you apply for the Lodge 141 and WI/ Upper MI scholarships.

“Like” us on Facebook at Cadott Bohemian Hall for updated information on upcoming events. Our next meeting is April 19 at 5 p.m. Upcoming events include: Spring House Cleaning on April 19 at 5 p.m., UWEC Folk Fair on April 29, Squeeze Box on May 4 at 7 p.m., and PCCF on May 12.

February 2018

We knit red baby hats for the American Heart Association, in connection with the Children’s Heart Foundation, to celebrate American Heart Month in February. The Little Hats, Big Hearts project honors babies, moms, and heart healthy lives and empowers moms to live heart healthy along with their children. The project helps to raise awareness, provide resources, and inspire moms to take their family’s heart health seriously.

A virtual lodge meeting was held January 11. Information from the Lions Club Youth Exchange Program was shared with members.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.