Western Fraternal Life :: Cech No. 152

Cech No. 152

Farwell, NE

June 2019

Members met on June 6 at the Fire Hall in Farwell for a potluck and meeting. Emil reported on the pop tabs he received at work.

Emil and Darlene Kment reported on the State Meeting.

Darlene Kment reported on Join Hands Day.

A monetary donation was given to St. Jude and Schriners.

May 2019

Members met on May 2 for a potluck and meeting. A moment of silence was observed. The activity sheet was sent around.

Emil Kment reported on the District Meeting. We decided to send a donation to the lodge in Nebraska who was affected by the flood.

A thank-you note was read for a memorial monetary donation to a member.

Members are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha. Some members made small quilts to donate to a nursing home. Several members are recycling.

April 2019

Members met on April 4 at the Farwell Fire Hall for a potluck and meeting. A card for a member was sent around to sign. A memorial was made to Jerabek.

Officers were paid for 2018. We received the 3-Star Award, and discussed projects to do in 2019.

The State Meeting is June 1 at Morse Bluff. The National Convention will be July 18-19 in Green Bay, WI.

October 2018

Members met at Farwell City Hall for a potluck dinner on October 4. Members collected pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. We donated handmade quilts to a nursing home, hospital, and missions.

Emil Kment, Darlene Kment, Erica Burkhardt, and Blake Burkhardt participated in the Chapman Community Days parade with a float. One member passed out pencils and literature from Western Fraternal Life.

August 2018

On August 2, members met at the Fire Hall in Farwell for a potluck and meeting. Members are invited to attend all meetings and are welcome to bring guests.

We donated to the Farwell Fire Department, St. Paul Fire Department, Elba Fire Department, and the Historical Society of St. Paul.

Two members planned to attend the State Meeting on August 25 in Milligan.

An activity sheet was sent around for members to sign. A few other projects for later this year were discussed. Birthdays were celebrated.

July 2018

Members met with a potluck on July 5. A moment of silence was held. A decision was made to make donations locally. An activity chart was sent around for everyone to sign.

A motion was made to look into a Western sign to be made and put up on the highway by Farwell.
An invitation was read for the State Convention to be heldĀ August 25 at Milligan, NE.

Two members celebrated birthdays this month.

May 2018

Members met on May 3 for a potluck and meeting. The monthly activity chart was sent around.
We participated in Join Hands Day on May 6.

A thank-you note from the Farwell Community Club for the donation to the Easter candy was received. A list of organizations to donate to was made.

We decided who to donate to at our June 7 meeting at the Farwell Fire Hall.

April 2018

Members met on April 5 for a potluck and meeting.

We hosted the District 6 Meeting on March 25. There were 20 people who attended and the officers remained the same for the next year.

Join Hands Day was discussed.

Agent Delmer Wondercheck celebrated his birthday with us. We sang Happy Birthday to him.

So far this year, we have three referrals.

Our lodge was invited to a card party on April 22 hosted by No. 112 in Comstock, NE.

A paper was sent around for us to list the in-kind donations we made in the last three months.

Members met May 3 for a potluck at the Farwell Fire Barn.

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