Western Fraternal Life :: Cesky Zakopnik No. 147

Cesky Zakopnik No. 147

Mandan, ND

October 2019

We had our monthly meeting on October 1 at Mandan Hardees. Members winterized the lodge hall for the cold weather. Vern Cermak sent out the newsletter to all members. We were asked to forward information to the president.

The annual Christmas party is December 7. Non-perishable items will be brought by members and donated to a charity. Beverages will be purchased by the lodge. Door prizes will be given.

We had the election of officers with the following results: President Vern Cermak, Vice President Tom Weinberger, Secretary Diane Schmidt, Treasurer Marie Weinberger, and new trustee for a three-year term, Char Bondeson.

August 2019

Our meeting was August 6. The annual picnic was held on July 28. Chuck Mattson and Eugene Kottsick were present to receive their 75-year membership pins.

Officer awarding 75-year pins to Chuck Mattson and Eugene Kottsick.

Bingo was played by those who attended. Marlene Pulkrabek donated a homemade quilt and Erna Schmidt donated a set of dish towels for prizes. Bingo prizes were gift cards from local Mandan businesses.

We celebrated 115-years of the lodge hall.

Cutting cake for 115-years.

Members made a donation to Jeff Fredrick for the Mandan Rural Fire Department.
John Toman transferred from No. 292 to our lodge.

The Chuck Suchy concert was August 17 with pies, coffee, and popcorn available. Chuck and Linda Suchy performed as well as their children and spouses. A great crowd showed.

Halloween bags were ordered from the Home Office. They were donated to the Go-Getters 4-H club. Members met September 3.

The annual Christmas party is December 7, 12:30 p.m., at A&B Pizza in Mandan.

A donation was made to the lodge from the Cermak Family Reunion that was held on August 17 and 18.

July 2019

Members met July 9.

Hwy 6 & 21 rummage sale unsold items were donated to our local Goodwill store. The rummage sale was a great success with more than 400 people stopping by the lodge.

On July 10, the lodge yard was mowed by members.

On July 28, we had our annual potluck picnic at the lodge hall.

Five members were sent letters to attend the lodge picnic and received their 75-year membership pins.

We made a monetary donation to St. John's Cemetery for maintenance.

June 2019

We had our monthly meeting on May 8. Spring cleaning was done at the lodge hall. Nine evergreen trees will be replaced by members. The lodge will replace lights with brighter bulbs.

Memorial Day was May 27, veterans placed a wreath at St. John’s Cemetery with members and guests present. Lunch was served at the hall for everyone. We had membership applications, lodge glasses, and Western t-shirts.
A donation was made to Mandan Veteran’s Cemetery.

Members met June 13.

Dale Charvat replaced nine evergreen trees on the lodge property with help from his grandchildren. He also purchased and replaced new LED light bulbs for all lodge lights.

The Hwy 6 and 21 rummage sale was June 21 and 22 at the lodge hall. Donations were taken.

The annual picnic is July 28 at 12:30 p.m., with potluck picnic. We are celebrating the 115th anniversary of the lodge with cake and ice cream. The event is posted in the newspaper. We will celebrate 50 and 75-year members. Letters will be sent to members.

We held a moment of silence for Lester Toman.

Members will apply for a one-time grant for the renovation project of the outhouse. An estimate will be done by Dale Charvat and Vern Cermak will print up a proposal.

Monetary donations were made to Heritage Plaza, Mandan Rural Fire Department, Alzheimer Foundation, and Salvation Army.

April 2019

We had our first meeting of the year on April 6 at Hardee's. The lodge grant and certificate were presented for the 2018 year, with our lodge awarded the 4-Star Award.

We discussed spring clean-up of lodge hall/grounds and National Convention.

A donation was made to Great American Bike Race for birth defects, special needs children and adults. Our secretary presented info on the Fraternalist of the Year.

December 2018

The December 8 Christmas party was held at A&B Pizza in Mandan. Pizza, burgers, and fries were enjoyed by everyone. Beverages were purchased and served by the lodge. Food was brought by members and shared. Prizes were given out. Members brought non-perishable items to be donated to charity.

A short meeting was held regarding next year’s issues.

Members are reminded to get information and pictures on any events and programs for points to the secretary or treasurer.

October 2018

Members met September 3 at the lodge hall. We made a decision to change banks for our checking and savings account.

The Chuck Suchy concert was successfully held at the lodge on August 25 with about 300 folks attending. We served pie and coffee and sold popcorn and Western memorabilia.

The Christmas party is scheduled for December 8.

On August 27, officers met at Jack Stack’s house for lunch with Director Bonita Fillmore. We discussed lodge events and how to get more members involved. We are trying to find an insurance agent for this area.

Members met October 2 at the Hardees, Mandan. Halloween bags were distributed by the YELL! group.

The Christmas party is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. on December 8 at the A&B Pizza, Mandan. Beverages will be provided by us. Members and guests are asked to bring non-perishable items to donate to the Spirit of Life Church food pantry.

We sent a get-well card to a member.

Members made a monetary donation to the Go-Getters 4-H Club and donated Halloween bags and candy to them. We purchased food for the annual church breakfast as well.

We held an election of officers with all retaining positions as follows: President Vern Cernak, Vice President Tom Weinberger, Secretary Diane Schmidt, Treasurer Maria Weinberger, and Trustee Diane Cermak.

August 2018

Members met August 7 at the hall. An annual picnic recap was given. There was a nice group of members and guests. We received monetary donations.

A donation was given to the rural fire department.

The Chuck Suchy concert was August 25 at the hall.

A get-well card was sent to a member.

June 2018

A meeting was held June 5 at the lodge hall. YELL! group and other friends helped set-up tables and organize items for the upcoming rummage sale.

The Hwy 6 and 21 rummage sale was June 15 and 16 at the lodge hall.

The annual picnic was July 29 at the hall for members and guests. There was one 50-year member and one 75-year member who received pins.

A meeting was held July 9. Unsold items from the rummage sale were donated to Goodwill. The lodge yard was mowed by members.

May 2018

Members met on May 1 at the lodge hall. Memorial Day was celebrated on May 28 at St. John’s Cemetery with a presentation and lunch. We fellowshiped at the lodge hall afterward.

Members purchased Western t-shirts.

Donations were made to the veteran’s cemetery, Salvation Army, and Heritage Plaza.

April 2018

Members had their first meeting of the year on April 10. A certificate for our Four-Star Award was presented.

We made an apple cake recipe from the WFLA Cookbook and wore Western t-shirts to promote Western.

A donation was made to the Great American Bike Race for birth defects. The donation goes to special needs children and young adults.

We discussed installing a handicap entrance into the lodge building.

A Memorial Day activity is planned for May 28 at the lodge hall.

December 2018

Members met December 9 for a Christmas party at A&B Pizza. The lodge purchased beverages and Christmas goodies were provided by members. Non-perishable items were collected and donated to Spirit of Life Church for the food drive.

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