Western Fraternal Life :: Colorado No. 431

Colorado No. 431

Denver, CO

September - October 2017

We worked at the Action Center located at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on September 28 for the upcoming sale. Members were there from 7:45 a.m. until noon. On September 30, we volunteered from 7:45 a.m. until about 4:30 p.m. I helped the cashiers by putting merchandise in bags and I donated merchandise as well. We plan on helping again in March. The Action Center sales are amazing, so contact Ruby Henderson at 303-798-8878 if you’d like to volunteer or shop. 

Members met at SoJourners on October 28 to listen to Chaplain Wanji speak about making a difference in a child’s life. Entertainment was beautiful music and African dancers.

Members donated to Chaplain Wanji for her trip back to Africa on December 11. We helped her with packing and will help more as the time draws near.

July 2017

Members held a meeting at The Egg and I on July 7. We gave Wanji a donation just before her trip back to Africa. She came back and reported on her trip when we all met at Christ Community Church, where she held another fundraiser. We gave her another donation to help her cause. She is preparing another auction in November.
We planned to go to the Action Center in September to help with the upcoming sale.

May 2017

The May meeting was our paper shower for the Ronald McDonald House. Chuck and Ruby Henderson were involved in this project.

The Chocolate Lady was also at the May meeting. She brought new products and favorites.

On April 29, Wanji Makunga of PAAV Ministries held a silent auction to raise money for her home village in Gitmobo, Kenya. The goal was $20,000 for people of this village. They packed many books and other items on Friday and Saturday at Christ Community Church.

On May 12, CSA No. 432 held their meeting and we attended. There was a fundraiser for CSA. They sold Dove chocolate and had a paper drive for the Ronald McDonald House. We furnished a lot of paper products and laundry soap.

December 2016

Members met on December 15 at the Egg and I. It was nice to see Wanji Mukunga and new member Chuck Kelly. Chuck returned to Denver from Phoenix.

We discussed final donations for the 2016 year.

Wanji will be leaving on December 27 for Kenya to help with the school building in Gitombo. We have helped Wanji many times this year with her projects.


June/July 2016

Members decided to join the Leawood Civic Association on August 3. We helped them with a picnic the latter part of August and also aided in their Leawood Scholarship. Members baked something for their bake sale too. 

We purchased back-to-school items for the Action Center and plan on working four hours to help distribute them.

Members decided to take June Hammitt, 75-year pin recipient, and husband Dale to lunch on June 24 in Colorado Springs. She told us the Home Office had already sent her a pin. She showed it to us all and it was beautiful. We could tell she was proud of it. It was nice to meet them. We brought her a flowering plant and said we would keep in touch with them.

Members visited Mildred Dosen on July 1. We gave Mildred an Appreciation Certificate from Western Fraternal Life, and she showed her appreciation of being a Czech.

April 2016

We met Wanji Makunga of PAAV International Ministries to discuss the April 14 Silent Auction that so many people planned. We raised almost $15,000 and want to thank all who offered prayers, support, encouragement, and worked the banquet. The Home Office joined in our donation. Wanji had approximately 30 donors. Agent Connie and husband Mike Gibb attended the dinner with us. A George Foreman grill was donated on behalf of Western. Thank you so much.Members have a lot to report regarding the Junk Sale held at the fairgrounds. We helped for three days. We unpacked and merchandized on March 31, checked people out on April 1, and tore down on April 2. All remaining items were boxed and put on the ARC truck. We learned the Action Center raised more than $50,000 with more than 1,800 shoppers between Friday and Saturday. The next sale returns October 14 and 15 at the Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds. Please email cherub6284@gmail.com if you are interested in participating. It is great fun and nice to know we are helping so many people with basic needs and promoting pathways to self-sufficiency.

March 2016

On March 20, we took paper rollers, egg crates, pill bottles, and plastic bags to Precious Angels Preschool in Lakewood, CO. Much of the same was taken to Wilder Preschool.We went to the Ronald McDonald House on March 22 with a box of food for them. We drove past the capitol steps and had been there earlier for the Franklin Graham Crusade. The Ronald McDonald House expanded to 70 more rooms to accommodate families seeking a place to stay while a loved one is in the hospital.

We enjoyed playing Bingo with the members of CSA No. 432 at St. Bernadette’s, followed by our meeting on March 5. Members discussed our plans to take items to the Ronald McDonald House again. Pam Whitiker responded by sending a list of things needed. We will share in the giving. No. 431 had taken food earlier. This will be our Join Hands Day on May 7. Several young people have committed to helping.

On March 3, we joined CSA No. 432 at St. Bernadette to play Bingo. We brought all-occasion cards and diapers for the church to distribute to families where they are most needed. We gave CSA some Western pencils as well.

We spent some time visiting Thereza Stephan at her new location in Arvada. We asked about doing some projects there. Members also discussed many plans to participate with CSA. They will be reported as they are completed. 

We received a call from Oregon friends that used to live in Colorado. Thank you for calling, we plan to keep in touch. It would be nice if they came back to Colorado to live.

February 2016

Members met on February 6, and we were happy that Lee Schwartz was able to attend. The books were audited and we agreed on the year-end total submitted to the Home Office.

A moment of silence was held for our departed brothers and sisters.

We are thankful for the Fraternal Connection and were pleased to read we had earned a Level 1 Award.

The materials ordered from the Home Office were received, so we plan to distribute them when working at The Action Center, Ronald McDonald House, CSA No. 432, and various daycares, etc.

January 2016

Members met with the CSA Lodge on January 18 to learn of their agenda for 2016. We will be able to repeat some of the projects we did in 2015. Members also discussed doing Join Hands Day with CSA members. We know a few children that may help as well.

We know who our 75 and 50-year members are so they will be acknowledged. Some are out of state, but a birthday card will be sent to compensate.  We want to thank the Home Office for emailing all the information for 2016. We look forward to the Fraternal Connection. Having access to all the information is very helpful.

For many years, we were blessed with the presence of one of our members who lived in Aurora. She was contacted during a get-out-the-members campaign, and she attended after we suggested we would pick her up since she no longer drove. In 2013, when she did not answer her phone, I sent her a card and then received a notice she had moved to Longmont. I asked her daughter to reply to my card to find out more about Mildred. I heard from her grandson that she is now in Broomfield at a memory-care facility. It was a sad letter from the grandson telling us he had been very busy since his mother passed away in November and now had to find a place for Grandma Mildred to live. He wrote Mildred had a 97-year old birthday party and was asked what she wished for when she blew out her candle and she exclaimed, “ten more years!” She will always be remembered as a giving person and a much-needed individual to attend our meetings. We will still visit Mildred even if she no longer remembers us.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.