Western Fraternal Life :: Dallas No. 401

Dallas No. 401

Dallas, TX

February 2020

On February 14, members, along with members of Air Force Sgt. Association, met at the VA medical Center Dallas for National Salute to Veterans. We handed out valentines and sugar free candy to veterans in all the clinic waiting areas.


On March 8, we participated with SPJST 84 for their 110th anniversary. We enjoyed social time, great food, and several games of Bingo. Everyone had a good time.

On March 5, we held our regular meeting at Sokol Dallas. We planned our Join Hands Day event. Members are donating shoes and socks again to Buckner International, along with KJT, KJZT, and SPJST 84. 

Our next meeting will be May 7 at 7 p.m. Hope everyone stays well. 

December 2019

We had a wonderful Christmas party with KJT, KJZT, and SPJST 84. We started off with mass at 11 a.m., and Santa at noon. The adults had happy hour from noon to 1 p.m. Then a traditional Czech lunch catered by David Podhrasky was served, with desserts by Lynda Novak. Everything was delicious. 

After lunch, the Czech Harvesters performed great music for our dancing pleasure. We had a silent auction and 50/50 drawing. 

Sarah Martin and Greg Thomisee presented a 75-year pin to Bob Podhrasky for his mother, Bertha Podhrasky. Bertha was unable to attend the party. 

On the following Tuesday, Sarah Martin visited Bertha Podhrasky at her home and presented her with a 75-year pin.

Thanks to all who helped make this party such a success. Everyone enjoyed the four organizations being together. Hopefully this will be a tradition.

September 2019

On September 5, members of No. 401, KJT 111, KJZT 108, and SPJST 84 met to discuss our Christmas party. The four organizations collected men’s socks for the Dallas VA resource center. We purchased over 200 pair of socks to be given to the homeless veterans through the Resource Center.

Shameko Ragsdale of the Resource Center, member Sarah Martin, and Ken Watterson, Chief Dallas VA Resource Center. 

We planned our Christmas party for December 8. The four organizations will get together for a marvelous party.
At our November 7 meeting, we will fold, stuff, and get invitations ready to mail. I encourage everyone to RSVP by the date that will be on the invitation. 

Members that attended the Convention had a wonderful time. The meetings were great, and our accommodations were the best yet. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making 2019 a great Convention.  

May 2019

Members met on May 2 at the Dallas SOKOL. 

We have our delegates to the Texas State Meeting in Conroe. 

Members have also made arrangements for our Convention in Green Bay. 

We will have a special dinner meeting at Barbecs Restaurant in Dallas on June 13.

Sarah Martin and son Brian Cundieff participated in St. Jude’s fundraiser while on a cruise in April. 

February 2019

Members met January 3. We elected our delegates for the upcoming Convention. We are looking forward to seeing friends we only see every four years. 

On February 5, we attended the Fraternal Council meeting. Members had a good meeting and played Bingo afterward with some neat prizes.

On February 13, members and an Air Force Sgt. met at the Dallas VAMC. We handed out valentines and sugar-free candy to patients and veterans waiting for appointments. The veterans were appreciative. This was National Salute week. 

December 2018

Our Christmas party with KJT and KJZT was a better success than last year. We started the day off with Mass, then happy hour. The children had a visit from Santa. We had a wonderful Czech meal, thanks to David Podhrasky. Then the Czech Harvestors entertained us with great dance music. Everyone had a great time and said it was the best party ever. 

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this a great party, and Bob Podhrasky for making the SOKOL Hall available to us. We had a silent auction and raffles as well.

November 2018

Our Czech Heritage was a great success, with the Dallas SOKOL packed. Everyone had a really good time. Lynda Novak and her helpers provided wonderful food.

No. 401, KJT, and KJZT met November 1 to prepare our Christmas party invitations for the mail. Thanks to all who showed up and worked. We had the party on December 2.

We had a short meeting following the invitation preparations. 

September 2018

Members, along with KJT and KJZT, collected washcloths to donate to the Resource Center at the Dallas VA Medical center. The Resource Center is a place for homeless veterans to go and prepare to re-enter the workforce. Sarah Martin presented the President of the Resource Center, Ken Watterson, with a donation. He was grateful, as the washcloths were needed. 

The Culture Society met on September 10 to prepare for the 100-year celebration of Czechoslovakia establishment. The program will be October 28 at the Dallas SOKOL. We will have activities from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Food will be available for purchase. The MIKULA Band will perform from 3-6 p.m.

August 2018

We will be celebrating our annual Czechoslovakian Day on October 28 at the SOKOL Dallas. The celebration falls on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Czechoslovakia. We will have a silent auction, 50/50 drawing, Czech dancing, a live band, and many other activities. Admission is $5, 16 and under are free. 

Members will be collecting new washcloths for the VA resource center at our next meeting in September. We will also have our Christmas party planning meeting with KJT, KJZT at SOKOL Dallas.  

Lillian Honza and Sarah Martin presented shoes and socks to Daniel from Buckner International. They were grateful for the donation.

Our next project for the September meeting is washcloths for VA Resource Center.
For September, we will also be planning a meeting for our Christmas party with KJT and KJZT.

June 2018

Members met with the Fraternal Council on June 5 at Barbec’s Restaurant in Dallas. We enjoyed a good meal, productive meeting, and some Bingo. Thanks to Tim and Dorothy Prasifka for the Bingo and door prizes.

On June 7, we had our meeting at Barbec’s Restaurant.

We also started making plans for the joint Christmas party with the KJT and KJZT on the first Sunday in December.

April 2018

We hosted the 2018 TX State Meeting with 27 members present. Thanks to Don Nieland for making the trip from the Home Office to Dallas, TX. He shared a lot of good information with us. Thanks also to Ross Sestak, our District 7 Director. Ross presented No. 446 and 401 with lodge awards. He also shared information with us. We appreciate Ross attending as well.

In attendance was No. 289, No. 401, No. 430, and No 446. Thanks to all attendees.

Thank you Jeannie Dubcak for filling in as State Secretary.

We had a good meeting, plenty of food, and enjoyed happy hour.

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