Western Fraternal Life :: Hodonin No. 188

Hodonin No. 188

Minot, ND

November 2018

Members opened the November 15 meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence in memory of Pat Korgel who unexpectedly passed.

We celebrated 75-year member Marjorie Jaha at the Hacienda in October.

Ellen White’s picture was sent around at the meeting and she is doing well in her 95 years.

Donations will go to the State Historical Society and the Senior Center where we meet.

Bruce Moffitt is making a donation to the lodge in memory of Lucille Moffitt.

We discussed a delegate to the Green Bay, WI, National Convention. We also discussed problems relating to information not being processed by Western regarding primary death information.

We filled out forms from the Home Office for the year.

Blaine Kotasek joined us at the meeting and intends to be more active in the lodge.

September 2018

After the pledge, a moment of silence was observed for member and friend Lenhart Korgel, who departed this life on July 29, 2018.

We continued to discuss the point system as pertains to our group.

Members recently attended a high school reunion in Minot.

A celebration for two 75-year members and four 50-year members is planned for October.

Director Bonita Fillmore visited us on August 24 at the Pizza Ranch on 37th Ave. She requested we invite a good candidate for her position as director for District 6 since this is her final year.

After the pledge, we discussed the October 16 dinner at 6 p.m. for 50 and 75-year pin recipients. This will be held at the Hacienda in Burlington just a few miles northwest of Minot.

Jacky turned in another bottle of tabs and Joan gave a large packet of used stamps to the Senior Center.

The meeting with Director Bonita Fillmore in August directed our attention to her replacement at the end of the year. Linda Carter has agreed to replace our lodge secretary/treasurer, Jacky Smith.

The pros and cons of how beneficiaries of the insurance are notified was discussed, as it seems there are loopholes in the system.

Western is encouraging members to submit photos to the Spotlight of milestones in their lives.

Joan gave President Don Busek some genealogical information on his family, and Don, in turn, is helping Frank Flom with his family history. This concept relates back 50 years to when those working in genealogy did the actual startup on paper for another individual, it appears to be that brotherhood concept.

August 2018

News from the Home Office was delivered by President Busek and discussed.

Our monthly magazine donations continue for the Manor Care facility.

President Busek’s book of ancestral photographs gave us a lesson on those who were instrumental in furthering the interests of securing peace of mind for our pioneer ancestors in helping one another – brotherhood.

We are considering the possibility of a service project to those who may need short-term help during summer vacation days.

June 2018

Richard Novak and Jacky Smith went to Second Story after the April meeting and delivered paper products.

Our guest, Tony Smith (son of Secretary Jacky Smith), is visiting to give mom a helping hand. He provided the luncheon and we shared memories of times past.

President Busek presented past President Richard Novak with a pin for the many years of service as president.
We had a moment of silence for Lucille Moffitt.

Flowers for the cemeteries were dispersed by President Busek, Richard Novak, and Secretary Jacky Smith for Memorial Day.

May 2018

Members brought paper products to the meeting for the Second Story group.

President Busek explained the Fraternalist of the Year instructions. He also shared his experience with DNA results from one of the programs offered. Some companies are including DNA medical advice.

Memorial Day wreaths and flowers will be brought to the various cemeteries and other facilities.

April 2018

An appreciation day was celebrated for Secretary Jacky Smith, who handles all the reporting to and from the Home Office. We also celebrated Pat Korgel’s birthday, both with cakes.

Jacky displayed the document of our One Star Award.

A moment of prayer was held for Mary Hambek and a sympathy card was mailed to the family.

President Busek brought an early lodge book that was printed entirely in Bohemian; however, the year of print has not been determined. He also brought an old ceremonial escutcheon with ribbon which was exquisitely fabricated. We can only marvel at the superior level of early lodge craftsmanship.

For April’s meeting, we brought paper products to be delivered to Second Story, a meeting place for those with some mental impairments.

February 2018

We were so fortunate to have a meeting day a tad above zero at the Senior Center in February. Yearly forms were discussed, paperwork signed, and tentative program plans were made.

Next month we will be honoring our official paper hero, Jacky Smith, for her many years of officiating lodge records.

The monthly magazine route will continue for those who are in nursing homes.

Member and former farmer, Lucille Moffitt, has moved to Fargo, N.D. to be near family. Remembering a trip to her farm, driving down a rural road, we were met by a huge farm machine with long metal arms extending from each side and ready to sweep us off the road. My first thought was, “where do I go to get out of the way! Close your eyes, pray, and let the equipment find its way!” Never try to outsmart the farmer on his turf! You’ll probably lose.

December 2017

December was our Christmas meeting and we exchanged gifts. Secretary Jacky prepared dessert to share as well. Don Busek gifted members with a picture of the group with their jars of pop tops.

Flowers were delivered to those residing in care centers by our members. Pat Korgel delivered magazines to the local care centers each month as well.

Condolences to the families of Geraldine Smola and Joel R. Lochthowe, as we observed a moment of silence.
In genealogy we learned that Bohemian surnames did not remain exclusive before 1800 and to find several surnames in one family was not unusual, as was the custom of acquiring the surname of the family for which you were employed.

Secretary Jacky mailed cards to inactive members.

We held an election of officers with the following result: President Don Busek, Vice President Joan Peterson, and Correspondent/Secretary/Treasurer Jacky Smith.

November 2017

Our November meeting at the Senior Center was overflowing with jars of pop tops we’ve collected throughout the year.

Secretary Jacky Smith has offered to purchase and deliver flowers for three members living in senior care manors.

We will donate to our Senior Center, as they have contributed so much to our successful meetings with their patience and understanding.

For our genealogical lesson, we learned that surname changes were quite normal in Bohemia until about 1786 when the practice was outlawed by Emperor Josef II. Afterwards people would have only one surname. However, in the early 1800’s ancestry of Joan Peterson, she found three surnames in one family of her third great-grandfather. This makes research very challenging and interesting.

September 2017

At our September meeting, we honored Brad Flom for receiving his 50-year pin. His wife Shelly was in attendance as well. It was a fun celebration at the Badlands Restaurant with some old photographs passed around.

President Novak will present Len Korgel with his 75-year pin at the Manor Care Home where he lives. Doran Korgel received his 75-year pin by mail.

The October luncheon meeting was held at the Senior Center.

Jacky Smith, Frank Flom, Linda Carter, and Joan Peterson volunteered four hours each at the Norsk Hostfest in September.

A reminder to bring pop tops, coupons, canned goods, and pumpkins to the next meeting.

August 2017

The monthly meeting was held on August 8 at the Senior Center. September will be the first change in venue when we will hold the 50 and 75-year pin celebration at the Badlands Restaurant on 21st Ave and 17th St. SW. Secretary Jacky Smith will contact the pin recipients and notify the Senior Center of our change.

The 2018 schedule is to be sent to the Home Office in order for it to be published each month.

The severe drought conditions for North Dakota was a topic of discussion.

Upcoming meetings for the remainder of the year are October 10, November 14, and December 12.

2018 meeting dates are January 8, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8, June 12, July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, November 13, and December 11. Meetings take place at the Minot Senior Center.

July 2017

Members met on May 16 for a lunch meeting. We discussed immigration and Don brought two Czech books.

Members met on June 13 at the Senior Center. Don, Richard, and Jacky decorated graves with flags for Memorial Day and senior residences were visited for Mother’s Day. Fourth of July activities were discussed.

Members met on July 11 at Minot Senior Center. A moment of silence was held for Helen Tague and Marlys Hambeck. 

A recognition dinner for 50 and 75-year members will be at the Badland’s Restaurant on September 12 at 5:30 p.m. Members will be presented with pins.

March 2017

Members met on March 14 and we discussed the points system.

We are working on plans for a 50 and 75-year member dinner sometime in September.

Joan donated many volunteer hours and received recognition at the annual convention from a local quilt guild that donates items.

Don Busek handed out small squeezable footballs the young can play with and the elderly can use for hand exercises.

January 2017

In true Christmas spirit, we brought various gifts for each other and gave our waitresses a monetary gift at this meeting.

A letter was read from the Home Office. Discussion followed.

A day road trip was discussed, which would include members residing in facilities in town.

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