Western Fraternal Life :: Hvezdnaty Prapor No. 95

Hvezdnaty Prapor No. 95

Timken, KS

May 2018

Members joined with the Lone Star Rangers 4-H Club making May Day baskets for senior citizens in the area. The 4-H’ers delivered the baskets on May 1.

On Memorial Day, we held a Memorial Day program honoring our veterans at the Timken Bohemian National Cemetery. We extend special thanks to Don and Linda Mohr for their help in making the 2018 Memorial Day program (5/28) happen. Joining us were Father Ultan Murphy, Junior Vice Commander District Seven Terry Warner of Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3147, reader Carole Jecha, and musicians Carla and Kara Jecha and Kwinter Hartshorn.

Dennis Pechanec fixed the flag pole at the cemetery.

April 2017

Members met on April 7 at the Timken Fire Department. Members and volunteers prepared Easter eggs for the egg hunt on April 8 at Timken Park.

Our members volunteered at the Locust Grove Retirement Home in La Crosse for their Easter celebration. They had an Easter egg hunt for kindergartners at the retirement home on April 13. Member JoAnn Tomecek dressed as the Easter bunny and visited with residents and the children. Other members made cookies and visited with the residents at the event.

We are organizing the Timken Bohemian National Cemetery Memorial Day program on May 29 at 11 a.m.
A donation was made to the Timken Fire Department and Timken City Park.

On April 23, members picked up trash, pruned trees, and filled in holes at the Timken Bohemian National Cemetery. Trash was also picked up from the ditches bordering the cemetery.

Our next meeting is July 1 at 2 p.m. at the Timken Fire Station.

February 2017

On February 4, we discussed our Brandi Jecha Benefit Fundraiser. It was a successful endeavor. We appreciate all our members and the Timken firemen for supporting this worthy cause.

On March 11, members were in the St. Patrick’s Day parade at Rush Center, KS. Members tossed candy to children.

On April 8, our lodge will hold a Timken Easter egg hunt at
11 a.m. at the Timken City Park. A meeting will be held at the park at 10 a.m. before the hunt.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.